Review 2024 (With Payment Proofs): Is it Legit or Scam?

Why do we all work? Why do we all go to the office or at our business locations daily? Why do we struggle after completing or during our senior studies?

All the questions have the same answer, i.e., to make money. Today, in this review I’ll explain how you can easily make money through it.

Money is one of the essential elements in our lives. Everyone out there needs at least a second source of income to survive in this world now.

So, if you want to generate a second income with ease, then the Internet is the answer. You probably do not know there are thousands of jobs available on the internet these days.

Also half of the world is earning from them too. It is now becoming a trend.

As I said, we have millions of options to make a living online. So which should we choose for us or which method will be suitable for us?

For answering this question here, I am going to tell you how you can make enough money online with with no efforts.

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About is the world’s most famous and trusted URL shortening service provider. Their method of monetization is unique and intelligent.

Instead of just shortening URLs like and, they monetize the redirection process, i.e., the transition from the shortened link to the actual link.

You can earn a fixed amount of money (depends on the clicker’s and your location) when someone visits your shortened link. Review

100% Safe Advertising

All advertising on their platform is strictly family-safe with no pop-ups. Their dedicated Anti-virus and malware servers scan the adverts 24/7 and make sure you are safe.

Real Advertising

Advertisers pay for real visitors only. Adfly’s smart fraud filters ensure high-quality traffic. Advertising campaigns start at an affordable amount of $5.

Low Minimum Payout

You are required to earn only $5 to become eligible for the payment. Publishers get paid via PayPal or Payoneer.

Statistics provides detailed statistics per link. Allowing you at a glance see the amount you’ve earned, referring URLs and countries.


Easy-to-use API that allows your website, widget, or app to create an link instantly and securely.

Website Scripts

They offer a selection of simple to install scripts; now you can quickly get paid for every visitor who comes to your website.

Make Money Online by Shortening URLs via

First, you’ve to Sign Up for a free account. Click the button below to sign up instantly:

Get a free adfly account

Upon complete sign-up procedure, you will land on a page that has a bar with Shorten a link title. monetizing paste your long URL there.

AdFly URL Shortener

Now press the Shrink! Button to shorten the link and monetize it.

AdFly URL Shrink

After pressing the shrink button, will shorten your link. Now press the Copy button to copy the link to your clipboard.

AdFly Shortened URL

Now that you’ve shortened the link publicize it using your websites, social media handles, and by other means. But remember one thing, DO NOT SPAM!

How does work?

When someone visits your shortened URL, he/she will have to see 5 seconds advertisement. After it, a SKIP AD option will appear. SKIP AD Button redirects the user to the original page whose URL you’ve shortened. Skip Ad

In this way, the visitor only has to wait for a mere 5 seconds which is not a considerable lag of time but will surely give you money in your account

The amount you’ll earn is very less, like about $0.005 but think if your one shortened link can give you $0.005 then what if 1000 visitors use your link?

Simple, you’ll make $5 without any efforts.

All you did is shrinking a URL, and you earned $5 which is a fair amount of money if you made it without any efforts.

Now, this was only about a single URL. You can shrink multiple URLs and distribute them via social media or websites or blogs. The complete tutorial is given below.

How to make money from

1. Make money from Facebook & Twitter using links are not banned on any social network until you start spamming people with your shortened links. So here is the strategy.

You can directly Tweet your links on Twitter. If your Twitter account is connected with Facebook, then the same tweet will automatically be shared on your Facebook timeline too.

Suppose one thing, If you have a minimum of 100 followers on Twitter and about 100 friends on Facebook then it means your single link will be shared with 200 people.

Also, if someone shares your links on Facebook or retweet on Twitter, then it’s a win-win situation. You have to think smartly. Analyze the best time of posting your links on social networks when most of the people are online.

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Don’t post bare links on your social media handles, include some text related to the URL. Like if your shortened link is about ‘make money online’ then you can write it in your post like:

Make Money Online Fast! Just follow the given link to know how:

In this way, you can grab the attention of your social media friends. Share your best links with your friends with whom you often talk. If they like your links, then you will get Facebook shares or retweets on Twitter quickly.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, then create one. Start following others. In this way, you’ll get follow back from many of them. You can create more than one account.

But follow the people related to the same niche as yours. Suppose you want to share links about “Hit Songs”, then follow those people who have the same interest as yours.

For searching the people related to your niche, type the keywords related to your niche in the Twitter, Facebook or any other social network’s search bar, and you’ll find thousands of people with the same interest.

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For the mass following, you need a free account of the tweepi toolbar. This toolbar lets you follow 20 people with just a single click.

In this way, you can follow more than 10,000 people not in a single day but within weeks. Wait for the people to follow you back.

Meanwhile, start posting your shrunk URLs there. Choose some hit songs; viral videos link from YouTube or any other popular site.

Shrink their links and start posting them on your social networks.

2. Make Money from Website or Blog using

This method is the most successful of all but a little time-consuming. You can monetize all your site’s pages and links by

If any person visits your site, then it’s apparent that you will get more than ten visits on your shortened links by the visitor, but the deal is you should have quality content.

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I am calling it time-consuming because it could take a bit to set up your blog or website then you’ve to increase its contents or posts which can’t be achieved in a single day.

The primary practice is to optimize it for better rankings on SERPs so that you can drive massive traffic.

But if you already have a website or blog with good traffic and content, then you are already ready to make money fast. Just start monetizing all your pages or posts and links with Payment Proofs

I created a new Twitter account to test my campaign. That Twitter account was my only way to promote my shortened links.

I tested it for four months by posting one tweet daily for one 2 weeks then 2 -3 tweets every week. This is what I was able to make with no efforts:

AdFly Payments

$29.97 is probably not a huge amount, but considering the efforts I put into this test campaign, it is a reasonable amount.

Not only that, I received four bonus rewards too from for downtimes and other technical issues.

AdFly Bonus Payments

This proves how intensely they focus on the overall experience of their publishers.

Final Words

To survive in this world, you need a second source of income along with your primary one. If you own a blog or have social media accounts with a huge audience, then is the best way to make some extra income. is a reliable link shortening service on the web. Their payout rates are incredible too. I explained the two most important methods of earning money from

Now it’s up to you how you start making your second income. Now the ball is in your court. If you want to join for free, then click the button given below and start making money immediately:

join adfly today

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