Like any other online business, we need money to survive.

We have a staff of writers that work at DigitalKube, providing in-depth guides and other useful resources to help you make a living online. Apart from paying to the staff, we also have to cover hosting bills. So we must make money to cover our operating costs.

We make money primarily through advertisements and sponsored posts. Aside from that we also use affiliate links in our blog posts, but you should know we only promote products that we have used and are helpful to DigitalKube readers.


You may see 125×125 or 250×250 or ad sizes on our site from time-to-time. This helps us to earn passive income without sacrificing the user experience.

Sponsored Posts

We do not make a note of sponsored post each time we do such posts. But whenever you see “Sponsored” above the post title, you should assume that it is a sponsored review. Our reviews are always unbiased and we will never do a review that isn’t helpful to our readers.

Affiliate Links

We also make money from affiliate links, but as I mentioned above, we only promote products that we believe are helpful to our readers. We promote the things that we’ve personally used or tried.

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