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Ritesh Saini

Ritesh Saini, The Man Behind DigitalKube

Hey there, welcome to DigitalKube. My name is Ritesh Saini. I’m a full-time Blogger & Internet Marketer living in India. I started blogging in 2013. Since then, I’m on a mission to educate as many bloggers and entrepreneurs as I can who struggle and thrive to create a successful blog.

Here I write about blogging, SEO, and how you can make a passive income online. I started with ZERO experience and investment, but today I live a laptop lifestyle and make a living online.

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Here's how to begin!

#1 Start a Blog

Step-by-step tutorial to create a blog with no technical expertise required. No coding, only business!

#2 Learn SEO

Your efforts are of no use if no one sees them. Learn how to rank your content in search results.

#3 Monetization

Learn not only one but a variety of ways to make a consistently growing income through your blog.

#4 Blogging Tools

Check out this arsenal of essential blogging tools that I personally use to run this blog and grow it.
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We have a Forum as well

We have a dedicated forum for blogging, internet marketing, and entrepreneurship. If you have experience in this field or want to gain some, then feel free to join it 🙂

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