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50% + 20% Extra OFF OptinMonster
We want you to be part of the OptinMonster family! Purchase today and take advantage of 50% off with an...Show More
We want you to be part of the OptinMonster family! Purchase today and take advantage of 50% off with an additional 20% off discount. Show Less

If you are looking for OptinMonster Coupons or OptinMonster Promo Codes, then you are at the right spot.

Use our exclusive OptinMonster coupon code VIP20OFF to get an additional 20% off on the existing 39% off on the best lead generation tool.

There is not one but tons of lead generation tools out there. OptinMonster is hands down the best tool for this purpose.

How to use this OptinMonster Coupon Code?

Step#1. Click the button given below to open the pricing page with 39% off OptinMonster plans.

Get OptinMonster

Step #2. The pricing page should look like this:

OptinMonster Pricing

Now choose the plan you want. For example, I’m choosing the OptinMonster Pro plan.

Step #3. On the checkout page, use the OptinMonster Code “VIP20OFF”, and you will see an additional 20% off is applied to the price.

OptinMonster Checkout Page

Finally, fill up your account and payment information and enjoy the OptinMonster discount.

About OptinMonster

OptinMonster was founded by Syed Balkhi (Founder of WPBeginner) and Thomas Griffin in 2013. Their idea was to bring enterprise-level business and lead generation tools in a beginner-friendly form, to small businesses, at an affordable price.

They executed the plan successfully, and today, OptinMonster is used globally by all kinds of businesses, including industry leaders like Neil Patel and Joost de Valk.

OptinMonster Visual Offer

OptinMonster makes it a piece of cake to collect emails, capture leads, and drive more sales with its various innovative features that I’ve mentioned in the upcoming sections.

How OptinMonster Works?

Below is a video showing how OptinMonster works:

And use our exclusive OptinMonster Coupon VIP20OFF to get an additional 20% off on the existing 39% off discount.

OptinMonster Features

OptinMonster is such a powerful tool that covering all of its features here will make this post really long. So, I’ll cover only the highlight features.

Exit-Intent Technology

This feature is my personal favorite. Even this single feature is the reason why a lot of people buy OptinMonster.

Our site is like an open book. People come, read, and they leave. Sometimes they leave without even reading or interacting with anything.

That results in an increased bounce rate. To combat that, OptinMonster uses its signature technology to detect the behavior of the user’s mouse movements.

When OptinMonster detects that the user is about to leave and close the tab, it triggers your campaign.

So, at the end moment, some of the users convert and fulfill your goal.

It is seen that Exit-Intent Technology can convert 2-4% more visitors. Isn’t that cool?

Drag-and-Drop Builder

OptinMonster is a complete no-brainer.

Designing your desired campaigns is really easy with pre-designed templates and a complete drag-and-drop layout.

OptinMonster Drag-and-Drop Builder

It hardly takes a few minutes to edit a pre-designed template as per your needs.

If you design a campaign from scratch for the first time, then it can take up to half an hour to design it completely.

The learning process is pretty easy. You’ll not find any problem in understanding the interface.

Multiple Campaign Types

OptinMonster has a campaign type for every need like Inline Forms, Lightbox Popup, Fullscreen Welcome Mat, Floating Bar, Sidebar Forms, Slide-in Scroll Box, Content Locker, Countdown Timer, and Coupon Wheel Optins.

OptinMonster Campaign Types

Choose the best one for your purpose for maximum engagement.

Campaign Triggers

I have already mentioned Exit-Intent Technology that is one of the campaign triggers in OptinMonster.

OptinMonster Campaign Triggers

Apart from that, there are five more: Scroll Trigger, MonsterLinks 2-Step Optins, InactivitySensor, Timed Display Control, and Campaign Scheduling.

Each one of them can be used according to the situation to gain maximum interaction.

Precise Targeting

Gone are the days when you have to manually code for the appearance of any WordPress widget or popup.

Targeting relevant users is always better than targeting the mass.

OptinMonster has all the inbuilt targeting options to show the campaigns exactly where they are supposed to show.

OptinMonster Targeted Campaigns

You can target people coming from a specific referrer, visiting a particular page, based on interaction, based on their location, based on their device, and even based on Ad-Block detection.

And use our exclusive OptinMonster Coupon VIP20OFF to get an additional 20% off on the existing 39% off discount.

Numerous Integration Options

OptinMonster integrates your campaigns with all the major segmentation services, list-building services, tracking scripts, and much more.

OptinMonster Seamless Integration

This makes synchronizing the data you collect across platforms you use really easy.

Actionable Insights

OptinMonster presents all the data and stats it records in a very user-friendly yet actionable way.

OptinMonster Actionable Insights

You can actually depend on the insights to make major business decisions. Use the data to automate real-time behavior, perform A/B testing, and track conversions.

100% No-Risk 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

OptinMonster’s team is so confident in their product that they even offer a 100% No-Risk 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If you don’t see the results you were expecting over the first 14 days after your purchase, then they’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

OptinMonster Pricing

Considering all the features and the power this tool brings to the table, I will say that OptinMonster is a very affordable utility.

Annual Pricing

Annual plans are 50% cheaper than the monthly plans. So, if you are planning to use the tool for the long-term, then you should definitely go for the annual plans.

  Basic Plus Pro Growth
Base Price $14/mo $30/mo $47/mo $80/mo
– Up to 39% Discount $9/mo $19/mo $29/mo $49/mo
– Additional Flat 20% Discount $7.20/mo $15.20/mo $23.20/mo $39.20/mo

Let me explain the pricing in simple words. The base price is the price offered by OptinMonster. For Basic, it is $14/mo.

OptinMonster also offers up to 39% off discount on their base price. That changes the Basic plan price to $9/mo.

Now, we have an additional discount of flat 20% off on this already discounted price.

That again changes the price of the Basic plan, and now it costs only $7.20/mo.

Monthly Pricing

Monthly pricing plans are 2x costly as compared to the annual plans. So, go with the monthly pricing only if you are going to use the product for a short term.

OptinMonster Monthly Pricing

OptinMonster Basic vs. Plus vs. Pro vs. Growth

I see a lot of users get confused when it comes to choosing the OptinMonster plan. I will try to answer this doubt as briefly as possible.

Most users should go with the Pro plan. It is the best plan OptinMonster has. Even I use OptinMonster Pro.

Here’s why:

You’re getting everything in Basic and Plus in Pro. Additionally, you get access to the following important features:

  • Exit-Intent Technology (helps reducing abandoning users)
  • Mobile-Specific Campaigns (useful for mobile user audience)
  • MonsterLinks (adds inline forms)
  • Yes/No Forms (boosts form interactions)
  • Countdown Timers (creates scarcity and improves conversions)
  • Remove OptinMonster Branding (if you don’t want to reveal it)
  • Priority Support
  • Total 6 sites support (everyone has multiple sites these days)

If we compare the Pro plan with the Growth plan, then the Growth plan is totally overkilling and should be bought by large businesses or if your site gets too much traffic.

OptinMonster FAQs

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