Secret Trick To Change Facebook Page Name Even If It’s Not Being Accepted (Guaranteed)

Facebook is stringent when it comes to policy violations and the creation of new ones to keep the community safe.

This makes it really hard for those who want to change Facebook page name but get their application rejected again and again due to the violation of policies.

Facebook only approves the page name requests which come under their guidelines.

A common complaint about Facebook pages is the inability of page administrators to change their business pages’ names.

I’ve often seen people asking the same thing again and again in various forums, including Facebook’s own but no official way to do it!

All you can do is to create a new page. Wait, no! That’s not a solution as nobody wants to lose a well-established page and create a new one.

It’s the same story with almost every social media or forum these days. Either there is no way to make certain changes to your profile, or the moderation team doesn’t approve your changes.

But nothing is impossible like I discussed previously how you can change your username on XDA Developers Forums.

You can’t hack Facebook to get this done. All you can do is to file an appeal and wait for Facebook to change it.

Unfortunately, this is what people often receive from Facebook after filing an appeal:

Facebook Page Name Change Appeal

Actual Scenario

Many Facebook users have reported that they’ve tried various iterations and combinations of the new business name and its tagline, etc., to try and get the name changed to the new one.

The name changes have been denied over and over again almost immediately after the request.

It doesn’t matter what the username of your page is. Once you try to change the name, for instance, from Apple to Google, Facebook will simply deny to change it.

The same happened to me a while ago. I wanted to rebrand a page with around 10K page likes with a different name.

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The page was related to Smartphones. After realizing that Cryptocurrencies have a vast scope and demand among the audience, I thought of rebranding the page to a different name, which focuses mainly on crypto.

Fortunately, I was able to get the desired username, but when I tried to change the name, Facebook denied the appeal. WHAT!!??

What is Facebook’s Page name change policy?

You can review the complete guideline for Facebook page name below:

Facebook Page Name Change Policy

In this situation, you’re stuck in between. Your page has the username of the new rebranded page and the name of the old one. So, how do you deal with this critical situation? I have a trick 😉

Hack to Change Facebook Page Name

As I mentioned above, there is no hack to do this. I wrote “hack” in the heading just because it sounds cool 😛

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We’ve to play smart and get this done once and for all. It will take longer than your usual page name change, but it will work for sure.

Patience is the key! Let’s see how to do it:

Step 1. One step at a time

First, you have to do this step by step. Don’t try to change your name in one appeal.

At once, make slight changes to the name by keeping it related to the old name and new name at the same time.

In layman’s terms, suppose your page’s name is “Alex Bakers & Fast Foods,” and you want to change it to “Infotech IT Solutions” then, you don’t have to file an appeal to change the name in one shot.

Instead, appeal for “Alex Bakers & IT Solutions” or something like that. I know it may sound senseless, but just follow the same procedure, it will work.

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In this way, you’re not violating any policies. Your page’s name is still relevant to the original one while having bits of the new name too.

Step 2. Proceed slowly with caution

Now, you’ve to follow the same thing again and again until you rename it completely.

Either add a new word from the new name to the old one at a time or simply replace a phrase if the old name is too long.

Every time you do so, you are getting your page’s name close to the new one while getting rid of the old one. Facebook sends you something like this for each approval:

Facebook Page Name Change Request Approved

Step 3. Do it once and for all

Finally, you’ll be able to get your new name in the next couple of days. Just take one step at a time, and you’re done, good times start 🙂

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Things to keep in mind

  • This process may take time so have patience
  • Rebrand your page completely by changing its picture, timeline cover, details, etc. before making your first appeal
  • This process is not an official guide
  • Everything I discussed here is from my personal experience
  • The time period may vary from person to person and page to page
  • As I have already tried this method many times, it worked almost every time
  • Everything depends on how cleverly and patiently you do it without violating any terms

That’s it! If you have any queries or doubts regarding this tutorial, then feel free to drop a comment below.

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74 thoughts on “Secret Trick To Change Facebook Page Name Even If It’s Not Being Accepted (Guaranteed)”

      1. Dianna Gonzalez

        Hi Ritesh.
        Thank you for your expertise! Does this process apply to personal accounts, not business pages? Years ago FB made me scan my ID and change my FB name from Rising Pheonix Di, to my name Dianna Gonzalez. Now that it’s been verified, they won’t even allow the opportunity to change it a version that still includes part of name. Do you know a say around that?

        Thank you for your time.
        – Dianna

        1. Hi Dianna,

          From what I know, Facebook requires your real legal name for verification and once you’re verified, you can’t change it.

  1. Well, we came up with the same way about a year ago and FB just decided to never approve or deny a filed change. Now we have half of the new and half of the old name and are litterally stuck.

  2. How to change to one word name? fb seems to deny it all the time even after adding and removing extra worda. Thanks!

    1. Follow the same steps. Add the one word next to your existing name and submit it for approval. Then remove your old name from the new merged name the next time Facebook allows you to change the name.

      PS: To play safe, if your old name had multiple words then remove only one word at a time until only the new one-word title is remaining.

  3. When you say “Rebrand your page completely etc” you mean that we should do this for every new name? Or once and for all using the final name that we have in mind? Thank you so much!

    1. Rebrand your page for the final name you have in your mind. If your page’s title has multiple words, then you’ll have to appeal numerous times before getting the final name. In that case, you don’t need to rebrand your page every time. Just do it once, and you are good to go.

  4. Thaaaaaaaank you!!! You saved us from having to start from scratch and completely rebuild, losing the credibility that comes with a ‘history’.

  5. My first attempt was denied but I don’t see an option to appeal. Is there a 5-7 day wait period before you’re able to request a page name change again? At the current moment when I go to About and edit page name it says “your page cannot be changed.” So I’m hoping it will allow for another request in a few days. Thoughts?

    1. Yes! Just wait for 7 days from the day you changed your page’s name at first and try again. It will let you.

  6. I keep getting the same “wait 3 days for a response from facebook” message every time I attempt a change, and I never hear back. And the change never gets made. I’ve been trying to change our page name for months. I know we meet guidelines because we’ve had another page have its new name approved (different location of the same business). I really hate how there’s no way to get in touch with facebook. I’m trying your way. Fingers crossed!

    1. I can understand your frustration. Been there 🙂 It will definitely work. Just follow everything as written, and you are good to go 😉

  7. Hi could you help me? I tried to change the name and it was denied, now when I try to submit a new change I get this “Your Page name can’t be changed. You can update your Page category and add other info to describe your Page so it is easier for people to find it. Learn more”
    This is not like I ve to wait to make a new attemp, it looks like really the name can’t be changed.
    Thank you so much if you could help

  8. Hi,
    I have changed my page name like you instructed above, Original name was “I Love Mom”
    I have made request for “I Love Stalkers 18+”
    And the request was approved but the page is still showing with the previous name to the page followers! And when I opened the page the name was showing me like that “I Love Mom(I Love Stalker 18+)
    The new name comes in bracket and it’s showing to me only not to the followers!
    Can you please help ke with that?
    Thanks in Advance!

  9. Hi Ritesh Saini,
    I see somebody have service ‘facebook page change name within 48hrs’.
    I just wonder how they hack this.
    Do you know some?


    1. I don’t think there is any hack for this. It is all a game of tricks. Those who claim to get it done in 48 hours are either scammers or haven’t changed a name before. People think just adding new gets the job done, but it is a typical process as I explained in this very article.

      1. I have a few pages, name change (the first, adding an extr word to start) usually around 2 minutes.

        However now I have a page which I cant change at all.
        Sometimes I get a response from FB, sometimes it looks like the request never happened.

    2. People claim a lot of things. I don’t personally think any of such hacks work. You can’t simply hack into Facebook. It is all about tricks, like the one I shared.

  10. i have page name “sun+” but i added “Yalla Sun+” but it’s not approved from facebook so what’s your recommendation in this case?

    1. Maybe you should give “Sun+ Yalla” a try and then switch the position of the words in the next run. The key is to add a word after the actual name at a time.

  11. I have tried this. My request seems to be denied, but my support box never gets an official denial. It is like I never made the request. The support inbox is just empty. If I make a request and then try to make one immediately after, it will say a name is already being considered. Then if I try the next day it will allow me to again, but will never send a message of denial.

  12. Fb approved our name change on page but the name that appears on profile hasn’t changed.
    I’ve tried to manually change it but it keeps going through as a new request to. Hangs name

    Is there a way I change the name to the new approved one?

  13. Hi, ritesh my page name i can’t change before one years, i don’t know what happene this issue, i request name change but i can’t get any approvel email or notifications.. plz if you have any trick help me..

  14. Hi ritesh – I tried this, trying to change my name step by step and was eventually barred from making any name changes at all with a message saying ‘your Page name cannot be changed’. Now I’m stuck with a Page name that contains both the old and new names. Is there any way around this?

      1. Hi I was wondering if you can help me I’ve requested a business name change to exactly the same name but in capital upper case letters instead of lower case so it’s exactly the same letters but still got denied how would I go about this please? Just change each letter to capital one at a time?
        Many thanks

        1. In that case, change the case of each letter and add something after that like ‘1’. Then request the change. Once it is approved, remove ‘1’ and request again.

  15. Hi Ritesh – thanks for your reply. But from your experience, has this happened before where you recieved a message saying “your page name cannot be changed”. I’d like to know if this is a permanent block, or if its still worth me keeping this page or creating a whole new one from scratch.

    1. It is not permanent and I’m sure about it. Facebook can’t keep you from changing the page name since it is your business or cause. You can change the name if you want. Any ban or restriction generally lasts for a few weeks or sometimes months in case of link spam. So, you should wait.

  16. I’m not even being allowed to try. When I click the “Edit” for my page name, I get this message: “Your Page name can’t be changed. You can update your Page category and add other info to describe your Page so it is easier for people to find it. Learn more”

    This has been going on for weeks. Any thoughts?

  17. Hi there,

    Thanks so much for this post.

    I’m an admin on my business page, yet I when I go to “page info” and see the business name that I want to change, there is no button next to it for requesting a name change. How do I even get to this application that you talk about?
    Thanks for your help!

  18. Hey,
    I was able to change my name from Football Lovers to Gaming Football syung gaming. I just want Syung gaming there. When i try to remove football it won’t approve. REmove anything except football or adding will work. IDK what to do. i don’t need that football.

  19. Thank you SO MUCH for the article! WOW! I used your method and the change was approved in a few minutes. I can’t wait to get my final name approved.

    I tried to change my page name numerous times and it was not approved. You are an angel! thank you

  20. Facebook restricted me from changing my name and also on page merge . It says i cant not change my page name and merge my page. How can i change the name please help.

  21. Before I read this blog I have actually been using this step after multiple denials. So I started changing it step by step (about 2 steps). I’m one step away and now when I make a change, nothing happens. No approval or rejection. Nothing. No record of it in my inbox. I can’t appeal what doesn’t exist. Any thoughts?

  22. Hi I’ve been trying to rename my page from “Teens David of Lagos” to “David of Lagos”
    I tried this by just erasing the “teens” in my appeal but facebook keeps denying me everytime, you’ve any idea what I can do?

  23. Im late hahaha I already change my name and it was denied today. I felt bad not searching first to find and do your methods but its okay. I know it will work after refreshing, but thanks for the idea Ritesh.

  24. Is there a way to do it without notifying anyone?

    I would like to change my artist name but FB doesn’t let me so I’d like to use your method.
    I thought that by unpublishing my page and then changing the name will not notify others. Is that true?
    I’d like to publish the page once the name change has gone through.

    Kind regards

    1. I am not sure about it. I guess Facebook allows page name change only when the page is live.

      I hope someone with the knowledge about this share the right way with us.

  25. I’m starting to think there is a limit to the number of name changes you can do. I stepped through this and now I’m stuck with one step to go. I waited the two weeks. I don’t even get denied. There is simply no response after the message it will be up to 3 days to get an answer. But no answer ever comes.

    1. Hi Dan
      Any luck with your issue, I’m having the same problem. I see that it’s been over a year and thought you might have some answers for a fix

  26. Hi, Ritesh Saini
    I totally can’t change my page’s name when I click on edit page name, it appears that “You can’t change your page name, but you can update your Page category and add other info to describe your Page so it is easier for people to find it”
    Do you have any solutions for that problem?

  27. I did this successfully a few years ago using the same approach. Now on a different page, when I go into edit the name category Facebook will let me type a minor change but when I submit it right away tells me page name cannot be changed.
    This is a business page from a business I purchased and will be changing the name. I’m ok doing the slow one word at a time changes but it won’t even let me do that.
    Any advice?

  28. Hello , am a Facebook page admin can you tell me how can I change my FB page name from Anime HQ AIDN to Marvel HQ India??

  29. Trying to change the name from Carriacou Gallery Cafe to Carriacou Gallery Bistro, says it’s not allowed, name invalid, somethings gone wrong. Very frustrating

  30. Hello everyone

    Please help me!
    I changed the page name and misspelled the name. This is the Museum of Contemporary Art page and I menage this page. I contacted Facebook Concierge Support and they told me I can’t make the change right away but wait 7 days, do you know if there is a possibility to do changes before 7 days?

    Thank you very much

  31. Please help me I can’t change my Facebook Page Name this is what I was told by Facebook below.

    Your Page name can’t be changed.
    You can update your Page category and add other info to describe your Page so it is easier for people to find it.

    Please help me fix my page

    1. Wait for a week or two. It shows the error sometimes to those who frequently change their page’s name. Facebook even shows the same error to new accounts. I don’t know what your case is but waiting for 2-3 weeks would be the best solution

  32. Hi. I’m late reading this. My bad. I have tried 3-4 times by changing the name in pattern. But now, I’m getting an error saying that “Your page name can’t be changed”. This is so frustrating. Is there any workarounds on this? Pls help.

    1. You can. That’s a temporary warning so that you don’t think of changing your page name again. The error may show up for a couple of weeks or even months, but it will go away for sure.

      One of my pages kept showing the same error, but it went away within 3 weeks. I checked it after 3 weeks, and I was able to change my page’s name.

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