DesignEvo Review: 100% Beginner Friendly Logo Designing Solution

Not everyone is a designer or have designing skills. If you are into Blogging or Digital Marketing then you know it becomes essential to learn basic designing sometimes. Designing is an entirely different field but at least basic designing skills are required for those in internet marketing. Today, this DesignEvo review should help you understand that it’s not a rocket science to design a logo.

Software like Photoshop are made especially for this purpose but it can be tough to learn and time-consuming too especially if you are short on time due to lots of projects. Also, logo designing is a vital step for any size of business. A professional looking logo could cost you several bucks which a small business or startup can’t easily afford. So what’s the solution?

Today we are going to discuss everything about DesignEvo which is a perfect solution for any kind of basic logo or banner designing.

All you need to know about DesignEvo

DesignEvo is a cross-platform (web-based, Android, iOS, Mac) drag and drop logo designing software with easy to use user interface. You can easily design professional looking logos with ease. As we have mentioned it in the title above, it’s a complete beginner friendly logo designing solution with an affordable price tag.

DesignEvo Features

#1. 4000+ Readymade Logo Templates

DesignEvo Templates

DesignEvo provides with more than 4000 predesigned logo templates. You can browse through different categories or search your desirable design through their huge collection of 4000+ logo templates using the search bar. After finding the design that meets your needs, customize it your way and make it your own.

#2. Huge Collection of Fonts and Icons

DesignEvo Fonts and Icons

A perfectly designed logo is a blend of fonts, icons, and shapes. And DesignEvo has it all. They have millions of professionally designed icons, 100+ stylish fonts, and tons of shapes to take your logo designing experience to the next level.

#3. Flexible & Fully Customizable Logo Designing UI

DesignEvo UI

DesignEvo offers an easy to use logo designing environment. It’s drag and drop based so all you need to do is to arrange all the available elements to form a meaningful logo. Or you can simply pick one of their premade templates and edit them as per your needs. The possibilities are limitless!

#4. Free to Use*

As DesignEvo is free, it has some limitations too. You don’t need to download anything or register for an account to download your logo on your computer. The problem is with the limitations of the free logo. A logo is meant to be transparent with best possible resolution so that its quality doesn’t degrade with size.

DesignEvo Free

A free DesignEvo logo comes with a transparent background and low resolution. That means you can’t use that on a website with a non-white background color. Plus you don’t get a vector file for your logo with the ‘Free Download’ option which is highly required for any future changes in your logo design.

DesignEvo Download For Free

Also, you are required to give credits to DesignEvo if you go for the free option by sharing the tool on your social media handles or link back via your site. It is not a must step and most people often ignore it but in our point of view, you should always give them credits as a professional courtesy because their developers have worked so hard to create such an easy to use logo designing tool and you are using it for free. So, there is no harm in giving any credits for their hard work.

#5. Safeguard Your Designing Progress

DesignEvo Logo Save

This is a highly useful feature for free users. As you can’t download a vector for your logo with the free download, a free account can help you safeguard your design in case you need to make any changes in the future. Though you can only save a maximum of 3 free logos at the time we are writing this.

What exactly can you create with DesignEvo?

You can use DesignEvo for various purposes. Some of them are listed below:

  • Company & Organization Logo
  • Website & Blog Logo
  • Social Media Profile Logo
  • Software & App Logo
  • Brand Logo
  • Business Logo
  • Wedding Logo
  • Club Logo

DesignEvo Pricing Options

As of the day we are writing this review, DesignEvo offers three pricing options: Free, Basic, Plus

DesignEvo Pricing

We already discussed Free option above. Now you must be wondering what’s the difference between Basic and Plus options. There are basically two additional options you get with Plus package. You get editable Vector files (PDF and SVG) so that you can scale your logo design to any size without compromising with the quality.

If you need a logo for your personal blog or client then it’s fine to go with the Basic plan. But if you are using DesignEvo for your company or for someone with frequent needs to update the logo then go with Plus package as you get the customizable vector files and the ability to register the logo trademark for your firm so that nobody can copy your design.

DesignEvo Pros & Cons


#1. User-Friendly WYSIWYG Interface

It’s the easiest designing tool out there. You don’t need any designing skills or knowledge to use DesignEvo. It is a totally drag-and-drop based tool with no complex functionalities which makes using it a piece of cake.

#2. No Downloads or Registration Required

Though DesignEvo now has specific apps for smartphones, Windows, and Mac, it’s not actually required for the user to download them. You can use their web-based tool to create a professional logo with no compromise in the quality.

#3. Preview Functionality

You can actually preview your designs with various mockups to determine how your logo will look when it’s live.

#4. Cross-Platform Support

This tool was released as a web-based service initially but as of we are writing this, DesignEvo is available for Mac, Android, and iOS.

#5. Free to Use

As we discussed above, DesignEvo is free to use but you need to pay if want to have high-resolution files with transparent background and editable vector files. The free download gives you a low resolution and non-transparent file which requires usage credits.


#1. No Option to Upload Your Own Fonts and Images

DesignEvo already has tons of fonts and icons to help you design a logo. But that collection still misses a lot of things. That’s where we need an option to upload our own fonts and images. There is no option for that so it’s a downside at the moment. Hopefully, they make this option available in the future.

#2. Not Everything is Available

It’s not that big issue but some logo templates have various multicolored icons or shapes which we couldn’t find after looking for them in their icons and shapes collection. Feels like those multicolored elements are specific to those templates only and not meant to be distributed.


DesignEvo makes logo designing process a piece of cake. You have tons of options to have fun with your logo. Either it’s for a client, or for your own portfolio, or for your company, DesignEvo not only lets you design a professional looking logo but requires zero technical skills. It’s a complete bang for the buck in our opinion. Check out DesignEvo for free today!

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