BunnyCDN Review (2020): Breathtaking Performance That Won't Cost You A Fortune

If you are in the field of SEO and internet marketing, then you know how important a site's speed is.

But those days are gone when you had to pay a lot for CDN services to improve your site's load times.

CDN used to be a premium service that only some could afford.

But now, BunnyCDN has made it possible to make your site load up to 10X faster in a budget.

I recently started using BunnyCDN on DigitalKube, and I'm just stunned with the performance improvement.

Site loads crazy fast across the globe as compared to before.

I know it is not the fastest on the web, but it is the fastest my site has ever been, considering its size.

Even I recommend BunnyCDN as one of the essential WordPress utilities to have when you start a blog.

According to CDNPerf, BunnyCDN comes in the top 10 positions in the list of fastest CDN networks, even above global leaders like StackPath and KeyCDN.


Before we get into this review, let's know a little bit about CDN and BunnyCDN.

What is CDN, and why you need it?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) helps to speed up your sites and online applications. How?

We all have our sites hosted in one place, right? We call that place our data center.

Suppose your site is hosted in New York, and two people visit your site, one from Nepal and one from New Jersey.

Will the load time be the same in both cases?

Excellent Question Iron Man

No, it won't be the same. Why?

Because when you enter a site's address in your browser, the browser sends a request to your hosting server.

The hosting server then sends your site to your browser. This process will take longer if you are far away from the hosting server or data center.

There are many factors behind this like TTFB, waiting time, DNS resolution time, DOM load time, etc.

That's why if your datacenter is New York, then technically, your site will load much faster in New Jersey as compared to Nepal.

But, a CDN makes it possible to load your site fast across the globe.

CDN creates a cached copy of your site across its multiple data centers. So, in case someone visits your site from Singapore, then instead of loading your site from your data center, CDN pushes the cached copy from their nearest data center.


In the above illustration, you can see that the site without CDN is hosted from a single datacenter across the globe. In contrast, the site with CDN is being hosted by multiple CDN PoPs.

Now this kind of arrangement will result in the following:

  • Faster load times
  • Less stress on your hosting server
  • Less bandwidth consumption of your host
  • Improved security

I hope now you know what CDN is and why you need it. Let's know about the star of today's review now.

About BunnyCDN

BunnyCDN is a Slovenia based CDN service provider that was founded by Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel in October 2015.

Their platform is developed by a skilled and passionate team of veterans in the business.

Their 10+ years of experience helped them to build a robust CDN network that doesn't cost you a fortune.

The project started way back in 2012, where we needed a CDN internally. All existing CDN solutions were incredibly overpriced, so I saw a big gap in the market that I like to think we’ve filled with BunnyCDN by offering a CDN with great performance and features while also offering the world’s most cost-effective pricing. It is our goal to continue to innovate in this direction in the future.Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel

Now, before discussing anything else, below, I'm sharing the practical result of implementing BunnyCDN on my blog.

BunnyCDN Performance Review

After I started using BunnyCDN, my site's performance got an improvement of ~44%.

I ran my tests using Pingdom from two locations:

  • North America - USA - Washington D.C (closest to my datacenter)
  • Asia - Japan - Tokyo (farthest from my datacenter)

Things to note:

  • My site is hosting on a Cloudways DigitalOcean server in New York
  • In all my tests, I’m using the WP Rocket plugin for minification and integrating BunnyCDN
  • WP Rocket’s configuration is the same in all my tests
  • I ran tests on site’s home and Black Friday deals page because it is very long and has tons of images

Let's have a look at the tests:

Test #1: North America - USA - Washington D.C

Click on the images to enlarge.

  Without BunnyCDN With BunnyCDN
Home BunnyCDN Review ([year]): Breathtaking Performance That Won't Cost You A Fortune 1 BunnyCDN Review ([year]): Breathtaking Performance That Won't Cost You A Fortune 2
Post BunnyCDN Review ([year]): Breathtaking Performance That Won't Cost You A Fortune 3 BunnyCDN Review ([year]): Breathtaking Performance That Won't Cost You A Fortune 4

As you can see, there is not a huge improvement in the homepage loading time after adding CDN.

That makes sense since the location I chose for the test is already very near to my datacenter.

But in the case of a long post, the CDN managed to reduce page size by 300KB and requests by 5.

That resulted in a performance improvement of about 22%.

Test #2: Asia - Japan - Tokyo

Click on the images to enlarge.

  Without BunnyCDN With BunnyCDN
Home BunnyCDN Review ([year]): Breathtaking Performance That Won't Cost You A Fortune 5 BunnyCDN Review ([year]): Breathtaking Performance That Won't Cost You A Fortune 6
Post BunnyCDN Review ([year]): Breathtaking Performance That Won't Cost You A Fortune 7 BunnyCDN Review ([year]): Breathtaking Performance That Won't Cost You A Fortune 8

When tested from the Tokyo server of Pingdom, the performance of the homepage was improved by about 30%.

There was a strange increase in the page size, though.

I guess the Brotli compression was not implemented properly since the propagation of data across the PoPs in a CDN network takes some time.

But what amazed me the most is that there was a performance improvement of 44% for the long Black Friday post.

Also, if TTFB (time to first byte) matters a lot for you, have a look at my site's global TTFB after using BunnyCDN:

Global TTFB BunnyCDN
Click the image to enlarge

I hope you have got the idea of how good BunnyCDN's performance is.

BunnyCDN Key Features

  • 41 global data centers across 6 continents
  • HTTP/2, IPv6, Brotli, GZip
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Free one-click Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Edge rules
  • Raw logs
  • Custom CNAME hostnames
  • Override expire headers
  • Video delivery
  • Instant cache purging
  • Cloud storage
  • Wildcard domains
  • One-click CORS headers
  • Hotlinking protection
  • IP blacklisting
  • Block users by country
  • Origin shield
  • Intelligent routing
  • 95%+ cache HIT rate
  • Anycast DNS
  • Tier 1 networks
  • < 40ms global latency
  • Realtime statistics

BunnyCDN Data Centers

BunnyCDN has the most advanced CDN network that is distributed across 41 PoPs around the world. Due to that, their latency can go even below 30ms.

BunnyCDN Data Centers and PoPs

BunnyCDN Pricing

BunnyCDN has a 'pay as you go' pricing model. That means there is no fixed price. However, there is a monthly minimum amount of $1, which is very cheap as compared to other CDN networks.

BunnyCDN Pricing

BunnyCDN Support

I fell in love with their support! The process to enable and integrate CDN took less than 5 minutes.

Then Cloudways' Varnish was causing troubles with the CDN. I wasn't aware of that. I thought it is BunnyCDN's fault.

I opened a ticket and got a response within 3 minutes. It is crazy!

BunnyCDN Support

BunnyCDN promises a < 24 hours response time:

BunnyCDN Support Time

So, I wasn't expecting any response for at least a few hours.

But as the email notification popped up within 3 minutes that my ticket has been updated, I was totally amazed.

Not only that, they patiently handled the situation and fixed the issue. It was my server-side issue. Still, I was blaming their CDN network.

In no time, their team suggested a few fixes, and the site started to rock again!

BunnyCDN WordPress Setup

Setting up BunnyCDN with your WordPress site hardly takes 2 minutes.

Simply install the official BunnyCDN WordPress plugin. Then add the Pull Zone Name and click Enable BunnyCDN.

BunnyCDN WordPress Setup

It is that simple!

If you want to check out the complete BunnyCDN setup process, then here you go: set up BunnyCDN with WordPress using WP Rocket with recommended settings.

BunnyCDN Storage

BunnyCDN storage allows you to upload, host, and deliver your files directly from BunnyCDN.

They have a dedicated managed cloud platform that is integrated into the CDN.

So, you don't need to worry about the storage and delivery of your content.

Note: You don’t need a storage zone if your files are already hosted on your web hosting server.

BunnyCDN Storage costs $0.01/GB per month.

Bunny Optimizer

BunnyCDN offers this awesome feature called Bunny Optimizer. It dynamically converts and serves images into WebP format. The images get automatically optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

It even minifies CSS and JavaScript files. You can get rid of low GTMetrix scores.

Bunny Optimizer allows on the fly image manipulation such as resizing, cropping, and color correction using query parameters.

Bunny Optimizer costs $9.50/month.

BunnyCDN Affiliate Program

People ask a lot about the BunnyCDN affiliate program. This question has been asked many times in many different forums.

I had a word about it with the BunnyCDN founder, and here is what he said:

BunnyCDN Affiliate

So, what's the takeaway? There is no fixed timeline when their affiliate program will go live. If ever the Slovenian taxation laws for affiliation change, then hopefully, we can expect a BunnyCDN affiliate program.

BunnyCDN vs Cloudflare vs KeyCDN vs BelugaCDN

  BunnyCDN Cloudflare KeyCDN BelugaCDN
No. of data centers 41 190+ 34 25+
Support dynamic WebP delivery Yes No Yes No
Image compression,
resizing & WebP conversion
Yes ($9.5/month) Yes ($20/month) No No
Cookie-free domain Yes No Yes Yes
WordPress integration Yes Yes Yes No

BunnyCDN Coupon

Here is a special treat for you if you have made it this far. Get a 14-day free trial of BunnyCDN using my coupon.

No coupon code required, just click the button below and it will automatically activate the deal.

Final Words

After running various tests on multiple sites for several weeks, my review of BunnyCDN is that it is the fastest CDN available in the market that won’t cost you a fortune.

It will make your site hopping fast, that is for sure. With Brotli compression enabled 40+ global PoPs, BunnyCDN is hands down the fastest, yet affordable CDN network.

Cloudflare offers free CDN services. Even I've previously shared how you can lower down TTFB using Cloudflare.

Cloudflare has some cons as compared to BunnyCDN that I will share in a different article.

For now, if you are a blogger or internet marketer who is looking for a CDN provider that won't bankrupt you, then look no more, go for BunnyCDN!

If you are already using BunnyCDN, then share your experience below. Or if you have any doubts about BunnyCDN, then feel free to ask them in the comments section.


Below are some BunnyCDN Frequently Asked Questions to answer all your queries:

Is BunnyCDN free?

No, BunnyCDN is not free. It has a 'pay as you go' pricing model. That means there is no fixed price. However, there is a monthly minimum amount of $1, which is very cheap as compared to other CDN networks.

Is adult content allowed?

Yes, as long as it is legal.

Is there any file size limit?

Not currently.

Do they provide phone support?

They do not currently provide phone support. However, you can email them or open a ticket for support.

Do BunnyCDN credits expire?

Your credits are safe and will never expire. However, they do require $1 minimum usage each month as long as you have active zones on your account. If your monthly usage is below $1, they will round your usage up to $1 for that month.

How is traffic calculated?

Origin pull traffic is free, they only measure the outgoing traffic from their servers, including the header data.

Ritesh Saini
Ritesh Saini
I’m a Professional Blogger & Internet Marketer living in India. Started my blogging and online marketing journey in 2013 when I was just 18 years old. You can see my work here on this blog and at criticecho.com

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BunnyCDN Review (2020): Breathtaking Performance That Won\'t Cost You A Fortune
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