9 Best Scoop.it Alternatives to Curate Content in 2024 [Updated]

The best way to achieve success in marketing is by following your customers and fulfilling the demand.

In the field of internet marketing, it’s impossible to create content that fulfills everybody’s needs.

Creating high-quality content that is worth reading on a daily basis is not possible.

That’s where content curation comes in handy. So, today, we are going to discuss some Scoop.it Alternatives.

Content has always been the king and will ever be!

With content curation, you have great methods to boost up your marketing efforts.

In content curation, you share the quality content of others or your own to provide your audience with fresh content regularly.

It is helpful if you are not able to produce any content on your own.

Need for Content Curation

There are tons of reasons why every marketer is focusing more on Content Curation now than ever.

Time Saver

The first and foremost reason is that it saves your time.

You’re too busy focusing your marketing strategy that becomes impossible to produce some essential content like articles and videos that your audience is interested in.

Content Guru

You become a content guru in no time, and people love following the channels that cover a variety of topics with recent and most updated information.

All you have to do is bundle informative content intelligently.

The information should be relevant to your audience and must give them a reason to come back.

Feed Your Network

The online audience is resource hungry. All they look for is quality spots to find useful information.

You have to be the one, and your network will start growing in no time. Your audience is like a tree, the more you invest in it, the more it grows.

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Best Scoop.it Alternatives For Content Curation

Scoop.it has been a top-notch content curation spot with excellent content marketing features. Below is a TL;DR version:

To help you curate even more, here is a list of the best Scoop.it alternatives you can use to find, aggregate, and share your content with the world.



Pinterest is one of the Internet’s most popular sites for content curation. It allows users to create pinboards, just like wall-hanging paintings.

Pinterest takes your business to the next level by making it easy to gather your favorite content in the form of pins.

Its ScoopIt like features make it a perfect Scoop.it alternative.

ScribbleLive Trapit

ScribbleLive Trapit

ScribbleLive Trapit is more than just a social platform; it’s a smart content curation tool that knows what you like.

By typing in keywords, it will search for authority articles from all over the web.

Results will be displayed according to what you like or dislike.

Their algorithm learns the type of content you want and will serve more of the same kind of content.

Create any type of trap you want as ScribbleLive Trapit learns more about what you curate according to the category.



Juxtapost has a specialty that it looks a lot similar to Pinterest. Even functionality wise too, it works similarly.

You can create post boards grouped according to your favorites, styles, or topics.

Posts are arranged in the masonry layout, just like Pinterest.

Even, I call Juxtapost the best Scoop.it Alternative and an excellent alternative to Pinterest.

It is highly useful for those who have lost their Pinterest account by getting banned.


RebelMouse is a social aggregator.

Your RebelMouse account can be connected with your social media profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and even you can connect it with your website’s RSS feed.

RebelMouse uses a Pinterest type of layout display to organize your social content.

By using their “Stick” bookmarklet, you can share content as you surf across the web.



Flipboard is a convenient tool that lets you create beautifully curated magazines with the click of a button.

Their curation method is entirely different. Flipboard is more time-saving because it requires little time commitment for the best results.

How? You merely “flip” any article, blog post, photo, or other media across the web via their browser bookmarklet, and Flipboard instantly creates stunning layouts that look and feel like a professionally designed digital magazine.


With Paper.li, you can create your own e-newspapers based on relevant information.

It’s effortless to use + has a broad audience + requires only a few minutes of your time every day, so Paper.li has all the qualities to be your secret content curation weapon.

Its exclusive features make it one of the finest Scoop.it alternatives.


Tribber encourages you to join “tribes” (as their name sounds) that are interest groups comprised of established bloggers who create great content in your chosen topic areas.

In this way, you get great inspiration for curation from the industry’s best bloggers.

Tribber auto-pulls your recent posts that give you easy access to your sharable content.



Listly is a way to blend lists with content curation with social sharing. You can create lists on your own or work collectively.

You can embed them on your blog or website, and even you can allow third-party users to embed your lists too.

WordPress users can easily share their content with their social networks or integrate the lists with their blog using Listly’s WordPress plugin.


Wakelet is not a new name in this sector. The founder of Wakelet wanted to create something that didn’t exist when he needed it.

The aim of building and launching Wakelet is to provide users with a platform where they can easily club their favorite online resources in one place.

Users don’t need to worry about the post they saw a few days back.

No matter if it’s articles or videos or a blog or tweets or some Facebook posts or documents or some websites, Wakelet keeps everything you love together.

Manage your profile, curate content, and share it with the world. It’s one of my favorite Scoop.it Alternatives.

That’s it!

Content curation is an important part of any kind of marketing or branding strategy. One should never ignore its potential.

Scoop.it is the best platform for content curation, but that doesn’t mean there are no other sites.

I’ve mentioned some excellent websites and best alternatives to Scoop.it in this article. I hope you enjoyed it. Cheers!

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