How To: Clear LinkedIn Cache & Refresh The Link Preview With One Click

It is always good to know small tips and tricks that can save a lot of time while online.

Popular social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter replace the links in your updates with pretty link previews.

These link previews are based on the metadata fetched from your site. Sometimes there is a missing meta that was showing wrong info in the link preview.

You fix it and try to post your link again but wait, what? Link preview is still the same!

It is a common issue when you start a new blog because you are not familiar with a lot of concepts.

Previously I discussed How To Clear Facebook Cache & Refresh The Link Preview With One Click.

Make sure you check it out if you are having the same troubles with Facebook. For now, let’s see how we can fix the link preview for LinkedIn.

But why?

Social media sites use cache for link previews. That means the metadata gets saved on the backend of the social media site the first time you try to share your link(s). It is a simple approach to reduce the number of calls to your site every time you share a link.

So, the only option is to clear this link preview cache. But how? The next section is all about it.

Fix Link Preview Using LinkedIn Post Inspector

Just like Facebook’s Sharing Debugger, LinkedIn has a Post Inspector to help you fix issues like:

  • Missing data to have better link previews in the posts.
  • Update outdated content by requesting force re-scrape.
  • To check what data is being accessed by LinkedIn.

Now that we know how useful LinkedIn Post Inspector is, it is time to actually getting things done through it.

Step #1. Click here to open LinkedIn Post Inspector.

LinkedIn Post Inspector Page

Step #2. Now paste your link in the bar and click on Inspect.

LinkedIn Post Inspector Result

As soon as you click the Inspect button, LinkedIn will re-fetch fresh data from your site after clearing the old cache.

In this way, your link’s data will be updated on LinkedIn’s end so that you see the freshest link preview the next time you share your content.

I hope it was able to help you. If you have any doubts regarding this tutorial, then feel free to post comments below. Cheers!

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  1. Is there any way to refresh the preview in an old post? It was so easy to update the preview on FB and Twitter with the debuggers, but the Post Inspector for LinkedIn doesn’t fix it. It seems like the only option is to repost. So frustrating! I don’t want to re-post if there’s a way to fix

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