Content Repurposing: Simple Ways To Deal With Your Deadly Content

Write more… Promote even more. 

Just publishing content and forgetting it after a month makes less sense.

Get your content in front of your target audience. Content repurposing would greatly help to tract more attention. You don’t have to create fresh or extra content from scratch all the time.

Just add a few touches to your existing evergreen articles. Especially repurposing the content into infographics and videos can score more traffic, social shares, and backlinks too.

In this article, let’s see how to repurpose your old content and make it new again. Let those blog post articles see the momentum that you hope.

Before that, let’s know what is content purposing and why you should use it.

What is content repurposing?

It is the process of tuning or turning your old and existing content into another template to connect with your target audience.

Why should you repurpose your content?

Repurposing content has huge benefits:

  • Reaching a new audience set – reformatting the best-performed content for different mediums- would attract a new audience who loves ebooks or infographics or podcasts over plain text.
  • Dusting off the exciting things – Everyone must have that book that you should really wish to read again, even after so many years. Similarly, maybe a few months or a year back, you have stumbled upon those articles.
  • Getting the most out of your efforts – Maybe you wrote those articles for a day or week or even for a month. Content writing won’t be easy, as always. Don’t put it in the archives. Find a new purpose for the current information.

Multiple Ways to Repurpose Your Old Content

Indeed, finding ways to give another life to your archived articles could often be challenging. Here are some of the simple ways to refresh your deadly content. Not all the tactics would find you well. Go through all and choose the one that better resonates with your content strategy and target audiences.

It is super essential to select effective blog posts that had gained more popularity when it was new.

Turn your content into Podcasts

Though 50% of US audiences are already the followers of Podcasts; still, only a very few marketers adapted to Podcast marketing. It may be taking a long time and effort to bring out a fresh podcast on any new topics.

Instead, with content repurposing, you can easily convert your blog posts content into podcasts. Again, the promotion matters. Submit your podcasts to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more to make it reach the right people who love watching podcasts.

Convert Stats into Infographics

Infographics have gained more popularity among the people since the human mind can better grasp and process images than plain texts.

When you have some articles that are full of statistics, it’s better to convert those data into information graphics. Using tools like Piktochart, create impressive infographics using the raw data.

Webinars to Video Tutorials

You host a webinar that gets tons of participants. It’s indeed a huge success. But, a few months later, your website visitors might be new. They don’t even know what they might have consumed if they had been to your site sometime before.

So, don’t let your kickass webinar content go waste. Recreate it as detailed video tutorials and present it to your site visitors. Post the videos on popular video promoting channels like YouTube and drive referral traffic.

Turn out your detailed posts into Guides

I hope you must have blog post articles on some related topics in a niche. Once you have written a bunch of topics on any particular subject, let’s accumulate the relevant articles into a guide.

For example, you might already have articles on “how to upload images to your Instagram pages?”, “How to use hashtags for Instagram marketing,” and more about Instagram promotions. Gather all those informative resources and turn them into “A Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing.” Indeed, you can use that guide for backlinks outreach, lead generation, or list building campaigns.

Publish Image heavy content into Pinterest Boards

Already have some content that are image-heavy? Make the most out of those image resources repurposing those images on Pinterest Board.

Just create a new board on that particular topic and pin images. Those pins can drive a set of people as referral traffic to your blog post. That’s pretty fair!

Break your blog posts into Tips Newsletter

You could see expert bloggers sending emails with hacks in their series of newsletters. Uncovering a topic, they would plan to shoot out a hack for a day—something like 7-days blogging course via emails.

If you think that your brand’s followers won’t catch every blog post of yours, then email newsletters come into rescue. When you have a solid list of email subscribers, cut your blog post into pieces of information, and send friendly tips-based email newsletters.

Sure, this will bring those subscribers to engage with your blog posts and turn them out as regular readers.

Create YouTube Videos from Blog Articles

As a blogger or SEO enthusiasts, sure, you must have come across Brian Dean’s on-page guide. It performs well. But, after two years, he realized that this content needs refreshment.

He thought that it would be a GREAT base of a YouTube video. And, he made it. Again, it proves well, receiving more than 100k views. Find such evergreen content from your blog archives. Repurpose those old blog posts into a new format and attract a new set of audiences.

Gather Interviews into Experts-Advice eBook

When you think that you have a bunch of expert interviews published on your blog, try now to compile it as an eBook. Especially these experts-advice kinds of eBooks would be a feast for the beginners.

For starters, they have abundant resources on Google. Give them precise resources and use it as a bait to grow your email list at an exponential rate. You are not even coming up with your own content.

It’s all about the content created by others for your blog audience.

Transform Quora Q&As into Blog Posts

Quora is often considered as a platform for content inspiration. Most importantly, it’s a place to understand the target audiences in a better way. Find a question that sounds good on any particular topic.

Write a blog post article detailing and answering to that Quora question. Meanwhile, answer the same question on Quora and link your blog post article. Since we talk about content repurposing, you don’t have to create a new article.

Instead of that, find an epic blog post from your archive and relevant promising question on Quora. Answering and linking to your old article would establish your authority on the subject matter, engage with the community, and drive referral traffic to your website.

Update Old Blog Posts with Latest Information

Your content must always be as lively as much as possible. The web is always overcrowded with trending data and information. Don’t misbelieve that your outdated old content would drive you traffic like all the time.

Do some additional research on the same topic and add some trending stats or information to the old articles. Let the users know the latest trends and updates on the topic that is EVERGREEN.

I insist you give a note about the last updated date of the article. So, the users are likely to consume your updated information.

Republish your content on 3rd Party Sites

The simplest way to repurpose your content is republishing those on other blogging or any 3rd party content syndicating platforms like Growth Hackers, DoSplash, Medium, etc.

You don’t need to worry about content duplication. Make sure that the search engines index your original blog post before you repost it on other sites.

It is also super essential to note the content republish and link the original source to make it legitimate. Content syndication would help you to get more new eyeballs on your content.

Final Words

Hope with these tips on content repurposing, you will get the most out of your content efforts. Above all, you will have content variations instead of plain texts that fall short of gaining user attraction.

Improving your content strategy is nothing but optimizing your content pages for both the users and the search engines.

Indeed, repurposing your content to social media, content syndicating sites, video, and podcast platforms would greatly help you attract users who have a different set of expectations. People will have varying thoughts.

Repurposing your old articles in various formats would never fail to meet their varying content demands. With the growing popularity of voice searches, merely sticking to a traditional blog post template or content strategy would never help.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to put entire efforts to create kickass resources from scratch. Using the raw data, repurpose it, and make the most out of it.

I would be happy to hear more content repurposing ideas from the readers to help each other.

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