12 Best Ways To Reach Your Desired Audience Using Blogging

There is a misconception that blogging is a saturated means of communicating with people.

However, with the world becoming a global market, many people are turning online to do their shopping and conduct their business online; hence, this cannot be true.

Nonetheless, with many people launching blogs every day, it has become much more challenging to beat the competition and build a business fast.

Best Ways to Reach Target Audience Using Blogging

Even so, as a blogger, you want to advertise your services and products in a way that reaches your target audience. Below are the 12 best ways to reach your desired audience using blogging.

Get To Know Your Target Audience

Know Your Target Audience

To reach your target audience effectively, you first have to identify the target audience.

However, identifying your target audience requires you to analyze who your current readers are. To do so, you have to gather current research on your audience.

Consider what currently draws them to your site and what they read and interact with when they are on your site.

Doing so gives you an insight into what they are interested in and gives you an understanding of the kind of information you should build on.

As expected, this allows you to know what information you ought to produce to garner more readers.

Understand And Focus On Your Target Audience’s Needs

Audience Needs

The moment you make your blog public, the information that you produce is no longer for you but your readers. Unfortunately, many people forget this and choose to promote things that are important to them rather than considering their reader’s needs.

To reach your target audience, you need to listen and understand what their needs are. If your blog is about health and fitness, talking about technology will be farfetched.

Stick to your niche audience and concentrate on giving them information that they came for in the first place hence successfully retaining your current readers.

Speak Your Target Audience Language

Audience Language

Nobody likes to be talked down to and lectured relentlessly every day. Unfortunately, many online businesses tend to talk down to their readers.

Regrettably, this happens when bloggers don’t take the time to communicate in a language that their readers understand. To avoid this, you need to converse with your audience as you would to a friend.

Avoid using the first-person article of “I” as it seems self-centered. Instead, use the article “you” as it’s much more inclusive to the reader.

Aim to genuinely engage with your audience instead of merely pushing to sell products to them.

When they feel included in the conversation, you will genuinely connect with them.

Build Trust And Credibility That Your Audience Can Rely On

Build Trust

When you are creating a blog, one of the critical elements that you should be keen on is being transparent and trustworthy in your dealings. Aim to be truthful and open in the kind of information that you relay to your readers.

When dealing with facts, ensure that you have proof to back them up and not just concocting stories to sensationalizing it to boost readership or sales.

Transparency allows you to build humble trust and credibility in the eyes of your readers.

As a result, the information that you relay to them will resonate with them, leading to future growth and success.

Create an Attention-Grabbing Message

Attention Grabing Message

When it comes to traditional advertising for a company, usually businesses use big attractive vinyl banners to relay an eye-catching message.

In the same manner, you should aim to reach your online audience. Even though you might have great content, if it is explained in a boring way, it will become white noise that your intended audience will ignore.

To avoid this, conduct a target audience analysis to understand what kind of post resonates with them. This will be in the form of headings that they click and how much time they spend on a post.

When you get a basic understanding of what interests them, mimic this but at a larger scale to get more conversions. Focus on using attractive wordings, excellent graphics, expressive pictures, and well-placed call to action to stand out.

Relay the Right Message to Your Audience

Send Right Message

When businesses grow, change in the type of message, they relay is usually expected. Often this same change can be seen in blogging.

When you start a blog and unsure about what you should focus on, the posts that your blog might be about different topics.

However, as your blog grows, you should focus on one niche; hence, your readers will come to expect a particular message.

However, even when you see a boom in another niche, resist the urge of changing your message for the same as making a quick buck.

Doing so will make you lose your current readers as they will struggle to understand it. Instead, relay the right message to reach your desired audience.

Delve In SEO


As expected, to reach your target audience with your message, you first need to be discovered. The best way of getting discovered by your target market is to improve search rankings.

An easy way of doing this is to focus on SEO and keyword searches. The use of keyword allows your site to show up when people are searching for similar information, making you discoverable.

However, when you are using keywords to increase your rankings in a blog post, ensure that you do not keyword stuff.

In the end, you should offer beneficial information for your readers to enjoy and avoid writing useless information simply for rankings.

Network With Other Bloggers

Build Partnerships

When starting on a blog, you will have no connections and readership that follows you. However, the easiest way of building interest is by networking with other bloggers in the same niche.

Aim to build healthy relationships and contacts with them as they will prove beneficial in sharing a blog post in the future.

A simple way to connect with bloggers is by commenting on their content, sharing their content with your audience, and guest posting on their site.

Note, when you comment, other readers will be curious to find out who you are, especially if it is upbuilding comments.

Additionally, when you share information and guest posts on other sites, other bloggers will readily share your post. This allows you to reach your desired audience who would have otherwise been out of reach.

Respond To Comments On Your Blog

Respond to Comments

To nurture interest and increase blog traffic, you need to increase your visibility. An effective way of doing so is to respond to comments on your blog.

Commenting on blog communicates to your audience that you are interested in them and their needs and you aren’t merely using them as dumping information sites.

Additionally, commenting on your post boosts your reputation, and you establish yourself as an authority. Make time out of your busy day and respond to comments on your site.

What’s more, try and respond to inquiries made through emails or social media profiles on your blog to benefit others.

Doing so allows you to build lasting bonds with your readers who will, in turn, share your blog information to more people.

Be Human

Personal Touch

There is nothing more infuriating than trying to communicate with a blogger, and instead of finding a human response; you receive a computer-generated message.

However, what is more, annoying is reading a blog that lacks a human touch to it. For this reason, try to inject emotions and humor into your posts.

To effectively reach and connect with your target audience, write posts that will move your readers to cry, laugh, and be moved by what they read.

Doing so allows them to relate with you, and hence you have a common basis for building on.

Use Targeted Advertisements For Your Audience

Targeted Ads

Sometimes you could be doing everything right within to connect with your target audience and still fail to build a steady readership.

When this happens, you should consider using different types of target audience advertising to reach them. Ideally, because of the change in the ranking algorithm, you might be at a disadvantage.

When you use a paid advertisement, your blog posts will be shared with various people. When using a targeted ad, you are assured that people who are interested in your kind of business will see your adverts.

As it produces results, you are assured that a percentage of them will be regular readers of your blog; hence, you will avoid losing advertisement funds.

Create and Participate in Blogging Events

Participate in Blogging Events

From time to time, jazz up your site by creating events that your readers can participate in. This will be in the form of competition, like sharing interesting stories that others can vote on and get a price.

You can also take it offline by participating in conferences, convention, or seminars that you can then encourage your readers to attend for face to face meet up.

The point of this is to make it entertaining and engaging and hence garner enough interest to keep your existing readership while attracting new readers.


As seen above, reaching your desired target audience is within your reach. However, to effectively do so, you must first understand your target audience.

Doing so allows you to communicate with your audience in a way that they understand.

As a result, you get to grow your blogging followers’ baseline allowing you to build your blogging presence and hence grow your business.

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