Skip ‘AdWords First Campaign’ Billing & Use Keyword Planner Tool

Lots of our users reported that signing in on Keyword Planner Tool gets them stuck on an AdWords First Campaign Getting Started page. Problem is that this redirection to the ‘First Campaign’ page prompts you to enter your Credit card/banking details and start your first Ad campaign. There is no such option to skip AdWords get started page.

Well, not everyone uses the Keyword Planner Tool to start an Ad campaign with Google. Most of us use it as a keywords research tool due to its unmatched accuracy. If you do not wish to start an Ad campaign then it is totally impossible to navigate out of the Ad campaign setup flow once you are in as there is no option to go back or abort the process.

Even if you reload the page or sign in again, you will end up on the same page again until you fill in all the required information.

Here are some of the things that you must have tried but didn’t work:

  • Logging out and logging back in
  • Refreshing browser cache
  • Using a different browser
  • Using VPN
  • Using a totally different computer

How to use Google Keyword Planner without creating an Ad 2024

When on the GetStarted page on the “Your First Campaign” step, there is only a button “Save and Continue”, but no button to take you back to “About Your Business” and allow you to possibly escape the trap.

Hopeless? Don’t be, I have got you covered! I will help you to fix just like I explained how to change Facebook page name in one of my previous posts.

Do not lose hope. There is nothing wrong with your side. It is an AdWords side problem and you are not the only one who is facing it. A lot of users have already reported this issue on the official Google AdWords Support Forums and social media accounts. Here is an example:

As reported, Google developers are already working on resolving the issue.

Basic Resolution – Skip the guided set-up

When you open Keywords Planner with your Gmail Account for the first time, it asks for a setup. It basically asks you your website address. Email address gets automatically filled.

All you need to do is to click on the “Skip the guided set-up” link on that page and you won’t get stuck in this situation. It looks something like this:

Skip Guided Setup AdWords

The problem doesn’t end here most of the times. Some of our users reported that sometimes this option doesn’t even show up. Instead, it takes you directly to start your first campaign page.

Or those who didn’t notice this option and simply clicked on “Continue”, here is a different workaround.

Advanced Resolution – Trick the loop

Try this method suggested by AdWiser, a Top Contributor at Google Advertiser Community.

Click on the link given below (while logged into the account that causes you problems) in order to escape that trap.

This should help you access Keyword Planner without creating Ad Campaign. You can easily bypass AdWords billing information and start using Keywords Suggestion Tool without using a credit card. It will ask you the account details in legacy mode. Fill them out and click “Save and continue”. Then it should open a page like this:

AdWords Overview

Now all you have to do is to click on the “Wrench” icon and then click on “Keywords Planner” to load keywords research tool. That’s it!

Google AdWords Tools

Did it work?

In 95% of the cases, this method works flawlessly as it simply takes you out of this billing loop to restart your AdWords account while pausing your incomplete campaign. If it still doesn’t work for you then feel free to post a comment below with the problem and I will try our best to give you a solution as soon as I can.

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SOURCE: The Google Advertiser Community

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  1. Muhammad Hashmi

    Thanks a lot. It just worked for me. It was really a bug, I was searching to resolve it for a long time. Big thanks to

  2. Fucking finally something that worked, I struggled for far too long to get Keyword Planner to work! I got stuck in that damn adsense campaign and G$%$gle didn’t let me exit it. Even the Ahrefs blog post didn’t do squat. But yours did, so THANK YOU very much!

  3. Great article, very detailed. Many thanks to the author for his work. Now I know what I need to do in the future. All the best

  4. I tried clicking on the link from AdWiser and it takes me to the account details page but when I add my email address and click save and continue it won’t load the next page. I’ve tried it a few times, already logged in, signing out again and on different browsers but the same happens each time.

        1. I used a different Google account (one that I have never used Google Ads with before) and then it worked.

  5. At last! Finally a solution, thank you so much! The link in the advanced resolution worked for me! I never thought I’d get passed that campaign. This is a gem!

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