WPForms Helps You With Recurring Payments [Here’s How]

I’ve been a long term user of WPForms. I’m using it on most of my sites.

To be honest, when you start a blog, WPForms is one of the essential WordPress plugins to install on your new site.

If I had to pick one thing about WPForms that disappoints me, then I have nothing to pick.

This single plugin adds tons of functionalities to your WordPress site. It lets you:

Yes, you read that absolutely right. You can accept recurring payments using WPForms with the Stripe Addon in WordPress.

A lot of users don’t know about it. Today, I’m discussing all about it.

Power of WPForms + Stripe

As being the most powerful payment processor in the market, Stripe makes it really easy to accept recurring credit card payments.

And the cherry on top, WPForms make it even easier by integrating Stripe with your WordPress forms without writing any code.

WPForms is by far the most beginner-friendly drag and drop form builder for WordPress.

Now, let’s see what WPForms and Stripe can do for you when clubbed together.

Easily Identifiable Recurring Payments

One of the selling points of WPForms is that it makes everything stupid simple.

With the recurring credit card functionality too, you can easily identify which payments are recurring and which are not.

You’ll see recurring payments icons next to the payment amount that makes it convenient to distinguish between recurring and non-recurring payments.

WPForms Stripe Recurring Icon

Form Entry Improvements

WPForms have also improved how the form entry for recurring payments look.

Most of the payment-related information you look for can be easily seen through the form entry itself.

That way, you can easily check the payment amount and the duration of recurring payments.

For your convenience, WPForms also adds links for some payment-related IDs that open Stipe’s dashboard with detailed information when clicked.

WPForms Entry With Links

  • Transaction ID: information about the actual payment that was processed
  • Subscription ID: details regarding the recurring payment
  • Customer ID: information about the customer who made a recurring payment

WPForms ensures that the switching between your WordPress dashboard and Stripe is as hassle-free as possible.

Form Entry Data in Stripe

WPForms has substantially improved what information is sent to your Stripe account through your form entries.

Gone are the days when WPForms used to send only the Entry ID to your Stripe account because that information alone was not sufficient for many.

Now, WPForms sends not only the Entry ID, but Form Name, Form ID, and Entry URL too.

WPForms Stripe Metadata

The Entry URL makes it really convenient to switch back to your WordPress dashboard when clicked.

As mentioned above, WPForms does a really good job of making a switch between your site and Stripe or vice-versa.

Check the complete tutorial to set up Stripe with WPForms to accept recurring payments in WordPress.

That’s all!

I hope you are satisfied with this underrated functionality that WPForms brings to the table.

There are countless WordPress form plugins on the web. But nobody is as fast-growing and user-friendly as WPForms.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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