How To: Find What Keywords Your Site Ranks For [4 Easy Ways]

In the world of SEO, keywords are the currency!

Your site’s content has the keywords that help you rank in the search results.

Now the rankings are influenced by many factors. But the key takeaway is that keywords help users find your site.

Do you know all the keywords your site ranks for?

You should if you don’t!

Why track the keywords your site ranks for?

Keywords help you drive traffic to your site, which then leads to the generation of income. Knowing all the existing keywords your site already ranks for is crucial.

It helps you reframe your SEO strategy. You can also track if the efforts you invest in your site are really worth it or not.

If you have a list of all the keywords your site ranks for, you can optimize your content even better.

Tracking your already ranking keywords can help you improve your site’s on-site SEO.

How to find what keywords your site ranks for?

In this tutorial, I’ve mentioned 4 different ways to see the keywords people use to find your site on search engines:

  1. Using MonsterInsights
  2. Using Google Analytics
  3. Using Google Search Console
  4. Using Jetpack Stats

All the methods are really easy that even a beginner won’t find troublesome. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into the ways.

Using MonsterInsights

In this list of all the various ways to find the keywords that bring traffic to your site, I’ve mentioned MonsterInsights at first for a reason.

It is the easiest of all. With MonsterInsights, you do not need to write a single line of code in your site. This plugin is fully automated.

Previously I discussed how you can track scroll depth in WordPress and add a Google Analytics stats widget in WordPress dashboard using MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights is such a gem that it integrates Google Analytics into your site and brings all the functionalities to your WordPress dashboard with no technical expertise required from your side.

To see all your ranking keywords and other stats, install and activate MonsterInsisghts plugin.

Make sure that you purchase at least the Plus plan of MonsterInsights because Search Console report isn’t available with the Basic plan.

Also, add and verify your site on Google Search Console. Then connect your MonsterInsights plugin to your Google account.

Connect MonsterInsights to Google Analytics

Once your site is connected, MonsterInsights reports will show your site’s top 50 search terms or keywords.

To view the Search Console report using MonsterInsights, navigate to Insights » Reports from your WordPress dashboard sidebar menu.

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This page will show the overview report for your site. Go to the Search Console tab from the top.

There you’ll see the top 50 search terms for your website.

MonsterInsights Search Console Report

This tab will show you various details about your search terms like the number of clicks, impressions, click-through-rate, and average position for each of the keywords.

Using Google Analytics

Clicking the View Full Queries Report button at the bottom of the MonsterInsights search console report will take you to your Google Analytics dashboard. You can check all the data about your existing keywords through here.

If you are not using MonsterInsights, then you can get the same report by opening Google Analytics dashboard and going to Acquisition » Search Console » Queries.

MonsterInsights Google Analytics Search Queries Report

I have covered two ways so far, let’s see how to view your ranking keywords in Google Search Console account.

Using Google Search Console

Open Search Console website and sign in with your Google account. There, you’ll see all your websites in the Search Console dashboard.

Search Console Home

Click the website that you want to see the ranking keywords for. Then go to Search Traffic » Search Analysis.

Search Analytics Console

Scroll down on this page, and you’ll see all the search keywords that bring traffic to your site.

Search Queries Console

Using Jetpack Stats

A WordPress site is just incomplete without Jetpack. It is a complete suite that adds a lot of features to your site. One of them is Site Stats!

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Jetpack has its own site analytics to track your track and all its details. It is not as detailed as Google Analytics, but it comes with most of the required options.

Make sure Jetpack is installed and activated. Then, to check the keyword data for your site, go to Jetpack » Site Stats from your WordPress dashboard.

Jetpack Site Stats

Once on the Site Stats page, scroll down to the Search Engine Terms section and click Summaries.

Jetpack Search Engine Terms

Now it will show all the keywords that brought traffic to your site (according to Jetpack) in the last 7 days. You can change it to a different duration.

Jetpack Search Terms Stats

If you want to see all the search terms, then click on All time and it will list all the keywords.

Please keep in mind that the search terms shown by Jetpack may vary from the terms you get from the other three ways. Jetpack is a totally different tool, whereas all the other three ways show the stats observed by Google Analytics and Search Console.

Final Words

These easy ways can help you explore all the search keywords that people use to find your site in search results. Out of the 4 methods, the first one is the clear winner because of MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights shows accurate data observed by Google directly into your WordPress dashboard. This saves time and makes your work a lot easier.

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I hope this tutorial helped you to learn how to see the keywords people use to find your website. Share your views in the comments section below.

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