TemplateMonster ONE Membership Review: Is ONE by Template Monster Actually the One?

If you want to power a website, there are a bunch of choices to be done. You’ve got to purchase a quality theme, along with niche-related third-party plugins and functionality-boosting extensions.

If you build websites on a regular basis, the number of choices and small purchases you’ve got to accomplish grows exponentially. If you’re serious about building websites that rock, you’d better just go for a sound subscription.

Subscriptions are exceedingly popular these years. And they indeed prove to be smart, time and money saving solutions.

A good subscription provides you with unlimited access to themes and other web-design-related products. What exactly is inside the pack depends on your subscription.

Today, I want to review one of the best subscriptions available on the market up-to-date, which is ONE Subscription.

Currently, this subscription is trusted by over 3 millions of users from all over the world. It gives you access to more than 8K themes and web design assets in total.

What’s ONE?

ONE is a subscription service offered by TemplateMonster. More than 3 million people have chosen it over other subscription services, and for good reason.

First of all, choosing ONE makes perfect sense if you care for the quality of the templates and design assets you download.

TemplateMonster, the subscription’s provider, is one of the largest theme marketplaces on the market. They started out selling themes back in 2002 (17 years ago).

Since then, they’ve accumulated a huge customer base across the web thanks to high-quality themes and exceptional support they offer.

ONE Membership Unlimited Usage

Every theme offered under the terms of ONE has been ardently tested by an expert team to ensure its spotless appearance and performance.

TemplateMonster Marketplace has first-class valid coding themes. They are additionally optimized for performance and better SEO scores.

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So, the first reason why many designers and website owners go for ONE is the quality of the themes included. This is the time-tested quality that meets the latest web standards.

Items You Can Download

The second biggest advantage of ONE is the range of products it offers.

A number of smaller theme providers provide you with subscriptions. They have dozens or even hundreds of items available.

However, ONE membership gives you access to more than 8500 items. Here’s an overview of the items they offer:

  • WordPress themes (1,050 items)
  • 41 Plugins
  • E-commerce themes and extensions (2,158 items)
  • Landing page themes (190 items)
  • Graphics (3,198 items)
  • HTML templates (1,065 items)
  • CMS themes (1,468 items)
  • 14 PowerPoint templates

Now, let’s review these types of products in more detail. You’ll get a clear idea of what a potential you can tap into with ONE.

ONE Themes: Popular Theme Types

WordPress is the best choice if you want to start a blog. With ONE, you can find exactly the theme that you need for your WordPress website.

ONE Membership Filters

Let’s start with WordPress themes. You get access to 1,050 modern WordPress themes. These themes feature clean, present-day designs coupled with strong niche-related functionality.

Moreover, these themes typically work with an easy-to-grasp visual builder, allowing you to build websites quicker.

All ONE WordPress themes are responsive and cross-browser compatible.

Fortunately, ONE website makes it easy for you to find the WordPress theme that matches your needs. Browsing the WordPress themes collection on ONE website, take advantage of convenient filters on the left to view only the themes that match your topic and needs.

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You can also select “WooCommerce themes” within the top navigation to view the WordPress e-commerce options.

Other CMS Themes

Apart from WordPress themes, you can also access other popular CMS solutions with ONE.

Here, I’m talking about Joomla and Elementor templates. Modern Joomla themes will please all the fans of this second-popular CMS.

ONE Membership Elementor Templates

Elementor templates let you enrich your WordPress website with pre-made elements with the help of Elementor builder.

Elementor templates can be used together with a WordPress theme. They don’t require installation and doesn’t affect the content of your website until used.

You can access an Elementor template within the builder. Then, just drag one of its elements to the needed area of your website and customize it in visual mode.

HTML Products

ONE is a bounty for experienced web developers as it includes an incredible collection of present-day HTML themes.

ONE Membership HTML Templates

Do you know HTML and CSS? Then, building a site with one of 1,065 web themes will be a non-issue for you. Under this category, you’ll find website, landing page, resume, newsletter and other themes.

HTML templates don’t require installation. They’re infinitely flexible and let you customize the theme to any extent by directly working with the code.

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At the same time, ONE HTML themes bring you rich layouts, styling options, micro-interactions, etc.

Moreover, these themes include fully functional contact and newsletter subscription forms, as well as filterable Galleries and professional post and image sliders.

E-commerce themes

ONE has a significant portion of e-commerce subscribers. They have more than 2,000 themes at their disposal. You can choose between such engines as Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and VirtueMart.

As you can see, TemplateMonster Team has packed the products of the most popular types inside their e-commerce collection.


If you’ve created at least one website, you know that access to high-quality plugins guarantees higher usability of your website.

With ONE subscription, you don’t have to overspend on premium plugins, as they’re already a part of your subscription.

One Membership Plugins Section

If you’re a WordPress user, you can download Jet Plugins, which take your Elementor builder experience to a whole new level.

You’ll also find advanced modules for PrestaShop, such as JX Blog, Advanced Filter, Products Manager, Lookbook, 1-Click Order, Header Account module, etc.

PowerPoint and Graphics Assets

Last but not least, comes a nice-to-have extra. ONE Subscription offers its users not only the best themes but also some gorgeous web design assets.

One Membership Presentation Templates

First of all, you’ll get access to a number of PowerPoint themes that you can use for delivering successful presentations. Next, you’ll access the huge collection of 3K+ graphics, including icon sets, pattern sets, infographic elements, fonts, social media templates, Illustrations, etc.

ONE License Of Your Dreams

The third advantage of ONE over other similar services is the licensing it offers. If you’re tired of single-site licensing and associated issues, you can also simply go for ONE.

With this subscription, you can install a theme as many times as you wish. You can use a single item on several domains as well.

Exclusive Benefits For ONE Subscribers

If you’re a ONE member, there’s a number of additional ways to save your time and money.

First of all, ONE membership makes you eligible for up to 50% discount on exclusive TemplateMonster Marketplace items offered outside a subscription.

So, once you want something really special, being ONE member will save you from extra expenditures.

Moreover, ONE entitles you to access extra services paying less. Effectively cut down the time you’d spend customizing your project by ordering installation, SEO optimization, or other services.

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For example, if you choose the Creative Start option, your theme will be installed for only $24. If you need to install 5 templates, you pay just $99.

In addition to high-quality installation, this service also includes a discount at InmotionHosting and 15 DepositPhotos images of your choice as a bonus.

ONE Membership Quick Start

Moreover, you can order a wide array of other services, such as:

  • Logo, Color + Hosting + Installation
  • Ready-to-use Website
  • E-store Installation and Configuration
  • On-page SEO Customization
  • Web Copywriting
  • Logo Creation
  • Converting CMS/HTML Template to WordPress
  • GDPR Compatibility Suite

Affordable Pricing

The collection of items ONE lets you download is really impressive. At the same time, this subscription doesn’t cost you a fortune.

You pay for ONE on an annual basis. Currently, you can become ONE subscriber for just $199/year. This means that you pay just $17/month. The regular price of ONE is $229/year ($19/month).

For those who want to save additionally, ONE includes 1 year of free high-quality hosting.

So, if you haven’t decided where to host your website, with ONE, you can enjoy the included hosting.

Exceptional Client Care and Support

The quality of support and care you get with a subscription is not the least important decision factor.

If you choose to get a subscription, you want to make sure that the company will care for your needs and be ready to provide a helping hand.

Technical Support Team has received multiple awards as the most knowledgeable and helpful team.

If you browse the web, you’ll immediately see how high they are rated on the independent review websites.

They are ready to answer your questions and provide personal guidance 24/7 by live chat, tickets and phone support.

ONE Membership Professional Support

Moreover, as a ONE subscriber, you’ll get access to a large knowledge base, created to help both new and experienced users accomplish the customizations they want.

You’ll get access to tons of text and video tutorials, interactive Quick Start guides, detailed documentation, etc.

Finally, ONE also has a lively Facebook community, where you can find the best practices, use cases and advice. Here, you can also learn about the new products and services added to ONE.

Final Verdict

There are many subscription services on the web. If you check out the most popular ones, you’ll see that they hardly beat ONE, the richest subscription with more than 8500+ items available.

This subscription will satisfy different web design needs from blogging to e-commerce, as it offers you the themes for a wide range of popular website engines.

Moreover, this subscription also includes graphics, design assets and plugins, which is a great money-saver.

ONE is provided by TemplateMonster. This means that you get the products, services, and support of the highest quality. Trusting one of the biggest and most successful design marketplaces is definitely the right thing chosen by over 3 millions of ONE subscribers.

Now, it’s your turn to speak up.

How often do you create websites? Have you ever gone for a subscription or do you still purchase single-site licenses?

Share your thoughts in the comments. Stay tuned!

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