How To: Add Next-Prev Links Below Comment Form In Genesis

Proper Navigation, the term with its own huge importance from on-site SEO point of view. Navigation is the thing that tells both visitors and search engine crawlers where they have to go next. For Genesis users, adding navigation is very easy and effortless. Just tick the “Enable Post Navigation” check-box from Genesis settings.

For even better navigation, we can add Next-Prev Article Navigation links below comment form in Genesis. So today in our this article, we are discussing how one can easily add Next-Prev Article Links in Genesis.

Add next-prev links below comment form in Genesis

Adding Next-Prev Links after comment form in Genesis is pretty easy. You just need to place a piece of code in your site’s functions.php file. Check the step by step process below:

STEP 1: From site’s dashboard, navigate to Appearance >> Editor >> functions.php

STEP 2: Now add the below-given piece of code there.

STEP 3: Save the file and check if everything is working fine or not by visiting any post.

NOTE: If you are using any caching plugins then it’s better to clear the caches after saving the file because caching may delay the effects of the codes in your articles.

STEP 4: Style it! That code will just add raw links after comments form in your Genesis site. Style them with different colors, alignment, size etc.

That’s it! Hope it helped you 🙂 If you feel you are stuck at any point or need any help then feel free to drop your query in the comments section below.

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