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Long tail keywords research is an essential part of SEO. Use our exclusive LongTailPro coupon code and...Show More
Long tail keywords research is an essential part of SEO. Use our exclusive LongTailPro coupon code and get a flat 39% discount with a 7-day free trial. Show Less

This LongTailPro coupon will help you save 39% for the lifetime on your purchase of the industry’s leading long tail keywords finder software.

Claim LongTailPro Discount Coupon Code

Step #1.

Click the Grab LTP Coupon button given above, and it will open this page:

LTP Landing Page

Step #2.

Click the START MY FREE TRIAL button, and it will scroll you down to the LongTailPro pricing section:

LTP Pricing Options

Step #3.

Select the plan you want to go with, and the duration (monthly or annual). Then click the Start a 7-Day Trial Now button.

I chose the LTP Annual Pro Plan for demonstration.

Step #4.

A signup page will open. Fill up your account information and payment details.

In the Enter Coupon field, paste the coupon code provided above. Or click the coupon code below to copy it.


LTP Apply Coupon

Then click Apply, and you’ll see the discount is successfully added to your order details and the price is updated:

LTP Coupon Applied

You can clearly see the 39% off discount is applied. It is a flat discount with no hidden terms. You apply it and get your discount.

Why do you need Long Tail Pro?

It doesn’t matter if you are an established blogger or just started a new blog, long-tail keywords research is an essential step. Long Tail Pro allows the user to generate hundreds or thousands of unique “Long Tail Keywords” in just a matter of minutes. All you need to enter is 1 single root keyword or multiple root keywords at once.

Long tail keywords can boost your site’s SEO potential almost instantly. Properly targeted long keywords improve your site’s organic traffic, which in turn increases potential leads.

If you want to find what keywords your site ranks for then I have a separate article for that. Make sure you check it out to keep track of your efforts in SEO.

It doesn’t matter what kind of site you have, LongTailPro is the best software you can ever find for content optimization of your website (s).

How LongTail Pro Works?

All you need to do is to enter seed keywords, and LongTail Pro will automate everything for you. It will suggest hundreds of keywords that you can use to rank and dominate the SERPs.

How LongTail Pro Works

It is that simple. With the right seed keywords and filters, you can get the most relevant keywords that are tailored for your content.

Long Tail Pro Features

Below are the features that LTP offers:

Pure Keywords Research

With LongTail Pro, a single seed keyword can get you up to 400 long keywords within a few seconds. Not only that, you can filter the keywords as per your preferences based on average CPC bid, search volume, rank value, and many more

Spy on Competitors

Smart work is always better than hard work. Let your competitors do all the hard work and steal their keywords to outrank them in their own game.

The Competitor Keywords mode in LTP helps you retrieve all the keyword strategies of your competitors based on the competitor’s page or URL.

Measure Keyword Competitiveness

Keyword’s difficulty is the second important factor after its search volume. Most of the tools lack this feature, but LongTailPro doesn’t.

Long Tail Pro not only tells you the competitiveness of the keywords, but it also takes keyword competitiveness to a whole new level. Using the keyword competitiveness metric, you can get the best keyword ideas for your brand on a scale of 0 to 100.

Daily Rank Updates

Unlike other tools out there, Long Tail Pro updates the rank data of the keywords you have been targeting daily. You don’t need to guess or assume anything.

LTP has a unique Rank Tracker that keeps track of your progress so that you can take decisions to alter your SEO strategy.

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