Influencer Marketing: Why You Need It & How To Do It Successfully?

In the last decade, marketing your brand has progressed to becoming a multi-faceted affair.

There are multiple ways in which you can place your brand in front of your customers, and each is as effective as the other.

Influencer marketing is using the opinions of a person who has reasonable standing in the industry to make customers believe that your product delivers.

Though largely in its beginning stages, influencer marketing is quite impactful and here we tell you it’s important and ways to do it.

Why is influencer marketing needed?

It goes without saying that influencer marketing influences sales of your brands. That is the prime reason why more and more brands are attempting to use it.

If done correctly the influencer marketing campaign generates sales either immediately or over a period of months.

Having the right influencer marketing agency to help you is always crucial, and PRchitects gives you the breakthrough. Their clever strategies and chalked out campaigns are insightful and going to give your brand an image makeover.

Read on to know some other benefits that influencer marketing provides:

Brand awareness

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is another benefit that you can obtain from a perfect influencer marketing campaign.

When a much-established person confirms that your brand is resourceful, the audience would identify and match it up with your brand, which is what you need.

Since the influencers have a certain kind of authority with the customers, the same translates to your brands, and customers are able to relate on a personal level.

Building trust

Earn Customer Trust

For any association between brand and customer to be successful, there must be a certain level of trust between them.

Influencers help to build trust as they already have a credible following behind them.

Many people are following their recommendations and if your brand is being recommended by them trust in you doubles too.

Makes your content strategy better

Content Is The Key

Often it is very tough for marketers to figure out what kind of content strategy would work best for their brand. In such a situation, having an influencer marketing plan helps to add a punch to your content strategy as well.

You can share their content on your social media pages, that is if you feel that you have fallen short of ideas. Moreover, the content they use has an authority to it, and you stand to benefit from it.

Reaches your customers

Reach your customers

You know where your customers are but are you aware of the tactics you need to adopt to reach out to them. Maybe not, and that is where the influencer comes into the picture.

He is already established in your niche, and when his social media finds your mention, the right target audience gets to know too.

In other words, the influencers are your shortcut to making a strong presence in your customer’s mind space.

Building partnerships

Build Partnerships

By establishing ties with an influencer, you are actually setting up a partnership that is going to go a long way. In the future, this association can go on a totally different level.

You can have tie-ups, brand endorsements, and whatever it is, it would be beneficial for your brand.

How to do influencer marketing successfully?

In order for your campaign to gain the attention, you need to make sure that you are executing it in the right manner. Here are a few steps that you should take to ensure that.

Setting a goal

Set Goals

Firstly you need to decide on a goal that you would like to be fulfilled through this campaign. Do you want sales? Or is it brand awareness that you are looking at.

Apart from that, conversions, promotion, and engagement are some other aspects that you may have in mind.

If it is the performance that is causing you concern then maybe you need to find which areas are that need improvement. After the goal has been decided, you can define it and then probably move on to setting up the campaign further.

In fact, it is this goal that would also decide what type of influencers you would have to look for. This means that if you want people to know more about your brand, then you would need influencers which have a huge reach.

On the other hand, if engagement is what you are looking at, then maybe you can contact micro-influencers who are only followed by the relevant audience.

Choosing the influencer


Next, you have to figure out who the right influencers are going to be in case of your brand. You must remember that the people you choose should be influential and have a certain amount of trust factor moving in their favor.

There are a lot of things which need to be kept in consideration in this case. For example, you may need the influencer for the following:

  • Increase your brand reach: A person with a high fan following
  • Boosting sentiments for the brand: An influencer who has established a reputation for being authentic in his opinion.
  • Building trust: Niche-specific individuals who are good in the content they give.
  • Conversions: In this case, a mixture of top, mid-level, and micro-influencers who can promote your brand across various segments of customers.
  • Promoting new product launch: Those industry experts who have a strong voice and a significant reach as well.

Compensating the influencers


You would have to figure out how you would be compensating the influencers. Most of them are pretty effective, and their push would be great for your brand. However, their effort needs to be compensated, and it is upon you to decide how you would want to do it.

It is quite possible that your budget is limited and you can decide how the budget to the exercise be allotted. There are five models of compensation that you could work upon:

  1. Cost per engagement: Being one of the most effective compensation models; this requires you to pay them as per the engagement their content is receiving.
  2. Cost per click: Equally effective this requires you to offer a payment according to the number of clicks the post received.
  3. Pay per post: Here, you can decide on a fixed payment that you would offer for every post that they do for you.
  4. Free products: If you cannot offer them a payment mode, then free products/ service is something that you could trust on.
  5. Cost per acquisition: If their post drives the customers to download an e-book or submitting a form, then the number of acquisitions done can be the deciding factor for payment.

Promoting the brand

Brand Promotion

It is important that you and the influencers find ways to promote your brand and help it earn a strong reputation. To do that you can ask them to set up an Instagram storefront where they share all the details about your brand.

Your brand would feature prominently, and its images would find a mention on his storefront too along with links which would lead the customer to your website.

Apart from that, you can plan a giveaway or contest which can be pushed forward by the influencer. These contests drive engagement for your business, and in turn, their followers get to benefit in the process.

However, it is crucial that the rules to the contest are very clear otherwise you might end up with a lot of disgruntled followers which is also not very good either.

Creating engaging content

Lastly, you have to request them to create engaging content for you. They are influencers because they have used their words to grab the attention of their followers.

When they write a similar kind of stuff for your brand, you can hope to expect some mileage for your brand. Since they already have a decent following the content reaches out to them and makes your brand a star.

You must understand that if they are writing a similar kind of content, you might lose a chance of making any kind of impact.

Let them use their creativity to prepare some interesting and engaging content for you.

If unique and creatively satisfying content provides a backing to the brand, the chances of it being promoted increases.


Having a perfectly executed influencer campaign is as essential as it is tough. With time it is expected that influencer marketing as a strategy is going to gain a lot of followers. When implemented correctly, the strategy can help your brand soar within a few months of launch.

However, for that, you must also know how to target the correct influencers and convince them to tie- up with you.

If you have the right agency to help you with the campaign, you can hope to make a strong foray in the customer mindset and gain followers for your brand as well.

Prchitect’ gradually devise the right strategies needed to get strong influencers in your fold and helps your brand gain advantage of this latest marketing trend. Their expertise in the field is enough to give your brand a strong exposure and get more lead conversion in your fold.

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