GSA Proxy Scraper Coupon – Up to 20% OFF Discount Code (2024)

Up to 20% OFF
Up to 20% OFF
Our exclusive GSA Proxy Scraper discount coupon will help you save up to 20% on your purchase of the...Show More
Our exclusive GSA Proxy Scraper discount coupon will help you save up to 20% on your purchase of the industry’s leading proxy scraping software. Show Less

Our exclusive GSA Proxy Scraper discount coupon will help you save up to 20% on purchasing the industry’s leading proxy scraping software.

???? Rating5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
???? Regular Price$97
????️ DiscountUp to 20% off
???? FeaturesProxy scraping, Easy proxy export, Reliable port scanner
???? AlternativesScrapeBox, ZennoProxy Checker, Somiibo Proxy Scraper
⏰ Free Trial5-day limited trial
????️ Supported OSWindows
???? SupportVia email or their webpage contact form
???? Deal LinkActivate Deal

With GSA Proxy Scraper, you can uncover hidden proxies in no time. Plus, GSA Proxy Scraper is designed to find quality proxies that are reliable and valid.

So, whether you’re looking to collect data on a specific website or you need to scrape a large number of websites, GSA Proxy Scraper is the tool for you.

How to Grab GSA Proxy Scraper Discount?

Below is a step-by-step process to quickly redeem this discount and save some bucks.

Step 1: Click the button given below to activate the deal for you and open the checkout page:

Clicking on the button given above will open the product page. It should look like this:

GSA Proxy Scraper

Step 2: After that, just click “I have a discount coupon” checkbox and enter the following discount code and apply it.


GSA Proxy Scraper Price

This proxy scraper software is a lifetime deal that you can buy for just $97 (without adding tax). That means you pay once and harvest and test thousands of proxies quickly and reliably with a few simple clicks for life.

If the price seems high, don’t worry. Use our exclusive discount coupon code to get an even lower price on this already reasonably-priced gem.

What is GSA Proxy Scraper?

If you are in the SEO industry for some time now, then you must have heard about GSA Proxy Scraper. It is the most powerful and easy-to-use proxy scraping software.

It can harvest and test thousands of proxies for you quickly and reliably with a few simple clicks. It has a powerful Port Scanner and other useful tools.

There are many tools available for proxy scraping, but the GSA proxy scraper is one of the most user-friendly and efficient ones out there.

This tool provides information on ports, authentication types, and levels of anonymity, as well as custom tags, to easily test against specific sites.

Moreover, it has various exporting options such as FTP upload, email sending, and web uploading at the user’s desired interval with adjustable filters.

How does GSA Proxy Scraper work?

Proxies can be used for many purposes. Especially for SEO specialists, getting fresh proxies regularly is a hectic task.

The easiest approach is to go with paid and private proxies, but the downside is that they require some monetary investment.

GSA Proxy Scraper scrapes proxies from the web that are available for free. This software is loaded with tons of free sources to look for more proxies.

Not only that, GSA PS tests and analyzes your scraped proxies to check if they are actually usable or not.

GSA Proxy Scraper Features

GSA PS has many exciting features that we have listed below:

Free Proxies for Lifetime

This tool is designed to provide you with unlimited proxies for everyday tasks. With the sheer amount of free proxy sources available, it can be much more financially viable to make use of them instead of investing in private proxies.

Free proxies can offer a range of advantages, such as the ability to bypass bans, access restricted content, and remain anonymous online.

Even though private proxies offer some benefits not found in free proxies, the free route gives you more control over your online presence.

Thousands of Sources

GSA Proxy Scraper is an essential tool for anyone who needs to find fresh proxies on a regular basis quickly. This software scans thousands of proxy sources and gathers fresh and reliable proxies without hassle.

It searches these proxy sources by using popular search engines, ensuring it only finds up-to-date proxies that can be used immediately.

Moreover, with these included proxy sources, GSA PS ensures a steady stream of fresh proxies to choose from, so it’s perfect for those who need to have access to fresh proxies constantly.

Internal Proxy Server

The program also acts as its own proxy server, which saves time and eliminates the need to set up a separate proxy server.

It provides the IP/Port combination that you can use in other programs. It even has filters so that any new proxies discovered are automatically used.

Automatic Proxy Scraping and Testing

GSA Proxy Scraper has a robust scheduling system that allows you to schedule your scraping and testing tasks and a built-in script engine that allows you to write custom code to test proxies and automate tasks.

With this tool, you can quickly and conveniently find, test, and use proxies to help you protect your online privacy and security.

Easy Proxy Export

GSA Proxy Scraper allows users to quickly and easily export scraped proxies in various formats and to any desired location. This includes web, FTP upload, and even file storage.

With GSA PS, you can choose what you want to export, such as specific regions and how, such as new proxies or all. This makes it incredibly easy for users to manage their scraped proxies and keep only the data that is important to them.

Filter Unwanted Proxies

This tool offers advanced proxy filtering settings, allowing users to remove suspicious IP addresses and proxies from certain geographic regions.

This allows users to only obtain Google-passed proxies or fully anonymous proxies that are more secure and reliable. It also allows users to customize the settings and determine the type of proxies they need.

The settings have been designed to be easy to understand, making it easier for users to quickly make adjustments to their preferences.

Parse Any Search Engine

GSA Proxy Scraper has built-in tools to let you easily parse search engine results from any website on the internet.

It also allows you to add your own search engines, allowing you to track the position of a keyword and your own sites.

Reliable Port Scanner

GSA Proxy Scraper has a built-in scanner that can detect good IP ranges and suggest the best proxies.

The tool also allows you to stay anonymous by ensuring that the proxies chosen by you are only known to you and not listed on public websites.

By using reliable proxies, your online activity can be kept safe and secure from hackers, data thieves, and other intruders.

GSA Proxy Scraper for an easier way to scrape proxies? Check out GSA Proxy Scraper. With this tool, you can quickly uncover hidden proxies and get quality results.OnlineOnly97USD69555GSA GmbH
  • One-Time Price
  • Internal Proxy Server
  • Scheduling
  • Port Scanner


Looking for an easier way to scrape proxies? Check out GSA Proxy Scraper. With this tool, you can quickly uncover hidden proxies and get quality results.

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