How To: Enable Search Description In Blogger (BlogSpot) Blog Posts

Good SEO value of a site can’t be achieved just by following 2 or 3 steps. It’s a time-taking process that requires several numbers of practices and happens gradually.

One of the most important parts is to set post specific search description or in terms of SEO, the Meta Description.

A meta description is a summary of your blog’s content which displays on SERPs of various search engines.

It’s a very important part of any site or webpage from an SEO perspective. As soon as Google indexes your pages, their rank on SERPs is allocated on the basis of some of these factors including meta description. It’s a part of On-Page SEO.

By default in some Blogger or BlogSpot blogs, this search description column is disabled so we need to enable it in order to increase our blog’s SEO value.

So today I’ll show you how you can easily enable search description in Blogger posts.

Enable Search Description in BlogSpot Posts

It’s a very simple process, just follow the steps given below:

Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> Search Preferences

Blogspot Search Preferences

Then under the “Meta tags” section, click the “Edit” link next to “Description”.

Select “Yes” and save the changes.

Blogger Meta Description


That’s all. Now you will find a Search Description column in your blog’s post editor.

Blogger Post Meta Description

Write a short description of your post in it. Write within 156 characters (including spaces) so that the whole search description can be seen by the users on the SERPs.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any doubts related to this tutorial then don’t hesitate to ask it in the comments section below.

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