Flipkart Affiliate Program Notice: “No Earning Referral Fees Allocated. Request To Pause Your Campaigns For This Month”

Flipkart and Amazon are the two eCommerce giants in India. But the best thing about Flipkart is that it is an Indian company. Not only buyers but affiliates also have been getting huge benefits from Flipkart.

Flipkart’s affiliate program used to be one of my major source of income. I am Flipkart’s affiliate from years now, not months.

A few months back Flipkart started to cap the maximum amount of profit you can make from their platform. There was a fixed limit on the maximum amount you could make from Flipkart affiliate program.

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After that, many affiliates got this email:

Dear Affiliate Partner,

Kindly note that we haven’t allocated any earning referral fees for *month*, *year* to this account hence request to pause your campaigns this month. Please be informed commissions earned in the month of *month*, *year* is not liable for payment.

Thanks & Regards,

Flipkart Affiliate Team

It looks something like this when you log in to your Flipkart affiliate dashboard:

Flipkart Affiliate Dashboard No Earning Referral Fees Allocated

Why Flipkart Why?

Walmart recently acquired India’s largest online retail store Flipkart for $16 Billion. So we guess that this is the Walmart Flipkart acquisition effect.

A lot of huge websites are affected by this so unfortunately, they all had to stop their Flipkart campaigns. This change is resulting in a massive loss to a lot of affiliates out there. There are websites and applications that are focussed on promoting Flipkart products only. Now their affiliate income has been completely stopped.

Many affiliates (including me) tried contacting Flipkart regarding this. There is no response from their side. They don’t even offer telephonic support to affiliates.

All we expect is a proper timeline when this situation will have a proper resolution.

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