WordPress Mobile Apps Get a New Home for Support

The WordPress mobile apps support forum migrates to WordPress.org, aiming to standardize the support experience and disentangle from Automattic services.

April 7, 2023, 01:20 EDT

WordPress mobile apps users now have a new destination for support: the WordPress.org forums. This transition represents a significant change in how support is provided for the apps, with the goal of separating the official WordPress mobile apps from Automattic’s services.

A Move to Enhance User Experience

Previously, users seeking assistance with the mobile apps were directed to WordPress.com, even if they were using self-hosted websites. Automattic employees handled the support tickets related to mobile apps. However, this move to WordPress.org aims to improve the support experience for users and disentangle the mobile apps from Automattic’s services.

In July 2022, the Mobile Team announced their intention to remove all Jetpack and WordPress.com features from the official WordPress mobile apps, transferring them to the Jetpack app instead.

Reviving Mobile App Support Forums

Although mobile apps had support forums on an older bbPress installation, these forums were seldom used. Users in need of help were directed to the WordPress.com support queue. The newly-established mobile support forum is now listed on the Support page and is already active, addressing issues such as app crashes, XML-RPC errors, and problems with core blocks.

This public support forum offers several advantages to users:

  1. Users can help each other, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.
  2. Old threads can be searched, enabling users to find answers to previously addressed issues.
  3. The support experience is standardized, allowing users to know what to expect when seeking help.

By bringing mobile support to a public space, users can resolve problems related to themes or plugins in a similar manner to how they seek assistance on other WordPress-related issues.

A Completed Initiative

The Meta trac ticket for the forum’s creation has been closed, signaling the completion of this initiative and the forum’s successful implementation. This move marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to separate the official WordPress mobile apps from Automattic’s services and enhance the overall user experience.

Key Points

  • WordPress mobile apps support now available on WordPress.org forums.
  • Part of an effort to disentangle the mobile apps from Automattic’s services.
  • July 2022 saw the announcement of the removal of Jetpack and WordPress.com features from the mobile apps.
  • The new mobile support forum is active and listed on the Support page.
  • Advantages of the public support forum include user collaboration, searchable old threads, and standardized support experience.
  • The Meta trac ticket for forum creation has been closed, marking the completion of the initiative.

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