(UPDATE: Twitter Functionality is Restored) Twitter Suspends WordPress.com’s API Access, Disrupting Jetpack Social Sharing

Unexpected suspension leaves users unable to auto-tweet published posts

April 5, 2023, 02:07 EDT

Recent Update

The earlier reported outage affecting Jetpack Social’s Twitter API access has been resolved. Twitter is now working as expected for Jetpack Social and all other Jetpack features that rely on Twitter. Users can resume utilizing Jetpack Social connections to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and LinkedIn as usual.

WordPress is working directly with Twitter to ensure the service continues to run without interruption. The resolution of the API access issue brings relief to the WordPress community, especially for Jetpack Social users who rely on the auto-tweet functionality for social media promotion.

Moving Forward: Maintaining Service Stability

With the restoration of Twitter API access, WordPress and Twitter will collaborate to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. It is essential for both parties to maintain open communication channels to address potential issues promptly and minimize disruptions for users.

Lessons Learned: Preparing for Unexpected Outages

While the outage has been resolved, the situation serves as a reminder for website owners and publishers to have contingency plans for their social media marketing strategies. Diversifying tools and platforms used for promoting content can help reduce the impact of similar incidents in the future. Users should also stay informed about updates from service providers to adapt to changes in the digital landscape quickly.

The Suspension

Twitter has suddenly suspended WordPress.com’s access to the Twitter API without any prior notice. The reason for this suspension remains unknown, but WordPress.com representatives are working diligently to regain access. The suspension affects features like Jetpack Social’s Twitter connection, causing errors for users who rely on the module for auto-tweeting their published posts.

Jetpack Social Users Left in Limbo

Broken Auto-Tweet Functionality

WordPress.com has informed users that reconnecting or establishing a new connection to Twitter will not work at the moment. However, connections to other social networks remain operational. Large publishing sites may have authors who are unaware of the broken auto-tweet functionality, and the current solution is to manually tweet published posts.

User Complaints and the Quest for Refunds

Jetpack users reported the issue in the plugin’s support forums approximately 10 hours ago, with some being Jetpack Social paid subscribers. In October 2022, Jetpack announced a paid plan for its Social plugin and limited the free version to 30 social shares per month – a controversial decision that led many users to search for alternatives.

Many users have inquired about refunds if the issue remains unresolved, as auto-sharing to Facebook and Twitter is one of the primary reasons they subscribe to the service. A Jetpack support representative assured customers that they are aware of the issue and working with Twitter to find the best possible solution. However, the exact timeframe for resolving the issue is still unknown.

Twitter’s New API Access Tiers

Twitter introduced its new API access tiers on March 29, 2023. Gaining access to the Enterprise tier now requires an application process. Over the next 30 days, Twitter plans to deprecate its previous access tiers and encourages developers to migrate to the new tiers as soon as possible to avoid any disruption.

The suspension of WordPress.com’s API access has left many Jetpack Social users in a challenging situation, as they can no longer rely on the auto-tweet feature for their published posts. As WordPress.com representatives work with Twitter to resolve the issue, users will have to resort to manual tweeting for the time being.

Impact on the WordPress Community

The suspension of WordPress.com’s API access has caused significant inconvenience for the WordPress community, particularly for Jetpack Social users. The sudden break in auto-tweet functionality has led to increased manual work for large publishing sites that rely on this feature for social media promotion.

Possible Outcomes and Alternatives

Reinstating API Access

If WordPress.com manages to regain access to the Twitter API, users will be able to resume using Jetpack Social’s auto-tweet feature without further disruption. In the meantime, it is crucial for users to keep an eye on updates from both WordPress.com and Twitter to stay informed about the situation and the progress made to resolve the issue.

Exploring Other Social Sharing Solutions

If the suspension remains unresolved, users might need to consider alternative social sharing solutions. Numerous other plugins and services are available for WordPress users to share their content on social media platforms, including Twitter. Some popular alternatives include:

While switching to a different plugin or service may require some initial setup and configuration, exploring alternative solutions may be necessary if the suspension continues.

Lessons Learned and Future Precautions

The unexpected suspension of WordPress.com’s access to the Twitter API serves as a reminder for website owners and publishers to have contingency plans for their social media marketing strategies. Diversifying the tools and platforms used for promoting content can help reduce the impact of similar incidents in the future.

As WordPress.com representatives continue their efforts to resolve the issue, Jetpack Social users are encouraged to stay informed about updates and explore alternative solutions if needed. In the long run, this situation highlights the importance of adapting to changes in the digital landscape and being prepared for potential disruptions.

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