Microsoft & Roku Revolutionize Digital Advertising

Industry-first collaboration streamlines ad buying and optimizes performance with unique cross-channel data insights

April 13, 2023, 07:12 EDT

Microsoft Advertising and Roku Advertising have teamed up in a groundbreaking collaboration to enhance the ad buying experience and optimize ad performance. By combining forces, this partnership aims to revolutionize digital advertising by providing unique cross-channel data insights to better target and connect with customers, ultimately boosting the success of ad campaigns.

The Era of Unified Data

Bridging the Gap between Platforms

Navigating the digital advertising landscape can often feel like maneuvering through a complex maze with various platforms and fragmented data. This partnership now bridges the gap between Roku TV streaming ads, Microsoft Audience Ads, and paid and organic search on Bing.

Previously, Microsoft Advertising and Roku Advertising measured ad performance separately. This collaboration will offer a more comprehensive understanding of your industry’s customers, enabling better decision-making in ad campaigns.

The Power of Cross-Channel Analysis

Actionable Insights for Better Campaigns

Analyzing insights from Microsoft and Roku ad ecosystems as customers stream TV, browse, shop, and search can provide actionable behavioral insights to help you build successful ad campaigns. Over the past year, the two companies have analyzed ad engagement across Technology, Travel, and Retail verticals, examining how consumers respond differently to ads from various brands. Their findings have been compiled in a whitepaper, which includes insights such as:

  • Optimal exposure frequency for Roku TV streaming ads
  • The average time between the first Roku TV streaming ad exposure and the first brand or product search
  • How your Roku TV streaming ad campaign influences customers to search for your brand

With the Microsoft-Roku shared customer insight ecosystem, your ad strategy and placement teams can make better-informed decisions to elevate every ad campaign. The unique cross-channel data will allow you to target and connect with your customers effectively, resulting in a reimagined way of connecting your brand or product with your customer, backed by data-driven insights. With access to comprehensive customer insights, more customer acquisitions, clicks, searches, and purchases are within reach. Every touchpoint in the customer journey becomes a valuable story.

In Summary

A Game-Changing Partnership for Advertisers

Microsoft Advertising and Roku’s industry-first collaboration revolutionizes the ad-buying experience by connecting the dots between TV streaming, search, and audience ads. By providing valuable cross-channel insights, this partnership allows you to better target and connect with your customers, ultimately leading to more successful ad campaigns.

As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, this collaboration is a significant step forward in optimizing ad performance and helping brands and businesses grow. With the power of combined data from Microsoft Advertising and Roku Advertising, advertisers can now create more effective, targeted, and engaging ad campaigns that resonate with customers across various channels.

In an era where understanding the customer journey is paramount to a brand’s success, this partnership offers a new level of clarity and data-driven decision-making that will undoubtedly reshape the future of digital advertising. Microsoft and Roku’s commitment to innovation and collaboration will enable advertisers to harness the full potential of their ad campaigns and ultimately achieve better results in a rapidly changing landscape.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the advertising industry, ushering in a new era of data-driven marketing that empowers advertisers to make informed decisions and drive better results. With this partnership, the future of digital advertising looks brighter than ever.

Source: Microsoft

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