iThemes Transforms into SolidWP: A New Era for the WordPress Brand

Revamping the brand to focus on security, backups, and site maintenance

April 5, 2023, 01:30 EDT

iThemes, a well-established brand in the WordPress world that launched nearly 15 years ago, is rebranding to SolidWP. As the company shifted its focus from theme products to plugins over the years, the need for a name change has become apparent. The rebranding aims to better represent the company’s key offerings and ensure a forward-looking identity.

A Fresh Start for iThemes

Outgrowing the Old Brand

The old iThemes brand was highly recognizable, but it did not accurately reflect the company’s current focus on security, backups, and site maintenance. “iThemes is known today for security, backups, and site maintenance – none of which are well-represented in the name ‘iThemes,’” said StellarWP Senior Director of Ops and Marketing, Matt Cromwell. The rebranding also aims to move away from the early 2000s Apple era of technology and embrace a more contemporary image.

Rebranding in Public

This week, the company initiated a “rebrand in public” approach, aiming to align its identity with its main offerings, which include:

  1. Security
  2. Backup
  3. Syncing
  4. Educational products

As part of the rebranding process, the company will introduce the following new product names:

  • Solid Security
  • Solid Backups
  • Solid Central
  • Solid Academy

“Our whole team, as well as our products, will pivot to focus on security, backups, site maintenance, and training as we enhance and improve our solutions for all of our users,” Cromwell said.

The Impact of Rebranding

Massive Undertaking

The rebranding process is a monumental task, considering the company’s millions of users and years’ worth of articles, webinars, eBooks, and tutorials. SolidWP will rework pricing and retire some legacy products during the transition.

Product Changes and Community Involvement

“Currently on, you’ll find a lot of products that are either part of a bundle or sold on other websites in a variety of ways,” Cromwell said. He added that while some products will continue to thrive independently, others will be retired. The company plans to review the complete inventory of current products and bundles publicly and work with the community to shape the future of each product.

Pricing and Support

Although the company does not plan to increase prices for its products at this time, Cromwell said they reserve the right to adjust pricing as needed. SolidWP will consult the community regarding products that will be retired and will continue to support all customers in their support queue. “The official end-of-life for the products being sunset will be discussed with the community and decided on before the full launch of our new brand,” Cromwell said.

The Future of SolidWP

The rebranding to SolidWP signifies the company’s renewed commitment to providing a solid foundation for every WordPress website. By focusing on security, backups, site maintenance, and training, the company is poised to offer improved solutions for all its users while looking forward to a more aligned and modern brand identity.

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