Google Expands AI Capabilities in Docs and Gmail: A New Era of Writing Assistance

AI-powered writing features to revolutionize the way we create and edit content

April 7, 2023, 14:09 EDT

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to shape our digital landscape, Google has taken a significant step towards integrating AI into its popular applications, Docs and Gmail. On March 14th, Johanna Voolich Wright, Google’s Vice President of Product and Google Space, announced in a blog post that the company will be testing new AI-powered writing features in these applications. These innovative tools aim to make the Google Workspace even more helpful and efficient for users.

AI-driven Draft Creation and Editing

One of the most exciting features being tested is the ability to generate first drafts using AI. In Google Docs, users can simply type a topic into a pop-up box labeled “Help me write,” and the AI will instantly generate a draft based on the provided topic. This feature could save users a considerable amount of time and provide a solid foundation for further refinement.

Streamlined Rewriting

Another powerful feature in development is the AI-assisted rewriting tool. This new component can help users adjust the tone of their writing or transform unorganized ideas into bullet points. When composing an email or document, users can utilize the “Help me write” box to select options such as “Formalize,” “Elaborate,” “Shorten,” “Bulletize,” and “Write a draft.” Additionally, there’s a fun feature called “I’m Feeling Lucky” that allows the AI to experiment with a playful voice for the user’s content.

Upholding Google’s AI Principles

Google’s primary goal with these new AI features is to make writing easier, not to replace human writers. The company is developing these tools while adhering to their 7 AI Principles, ensuring that users retain control and can accept, edit, or change the AI-generated drafts as needed. By keeping user control and customization at the forefront, Google aims to provide a valuable writing aid without compromising the creativity and uniqueness of human expression.

Administrative Controls for IT Departments

To maintain the security and customization of these new AI features, Google will supply corresponding administrative controls to IT departments within organizations that choose to adopt these tools. This will enable IT professionals to set specific policies and guidelines for AI usage within their organizations, ensuring that these tools are used responsibly and effectively.

Availability and Future Developments

While no specific release date has been provided for these new features, the potential impact on productivity and creativity is substantial. As AI integration continues to expand across various applications, we can expect to see further advancements in the way we interact with technology and generate content.

To summarize, here are the key points to note about the new AI-powered writing features in Google Docs and Gmail:

  • AI-driven first draft creation
  • Streamlined rewriting and tone adjustment
  • Developed in accordance with Google’s 7 AI Principles
  • Administrative controls for IT departments
  • No specific release date yet announced

These innovative features are a testament to Google’s commitment to enhancing user experience and productivity through AI. As AI continues to evolve and reshape our digital lives, we can anticipate even more groundbreaking developments in the world of technology.

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